‘Jeopardy!’: Watch Joe Buck Explain How Reading Alex Trebek’s Book Helped Him Prepare to Guest Host

by Joe Rutland

Fox Sports sportscaster Joe Buck prepared for his stint as “Jeopardy!” guest host. One way he did this was by reading Alex Trebek’s book.

Buck, who is the final guest host in this season’s “Jeopardy!”, talked about his prep work in this video shared by the game show’s Twitter account.

The late “Jeopardy!” host wrote “The Answer Is…: Reflections on my Life” and the book was released in July 2020. In the book, Trebek talked about his life, relationships, and, yes, television career. Trebek would die in November 2020 after battling pancreatic cancer.

‘Jeopardy!’ Wrapped Up Litany of Guest Hosts With Joe Buck

“Jeopardy!” had a litany of guest hosts throughout this season, which wraps up at the end of Buck’s week-long tenure. Among those guest-hosting have included LeVar Burton, Katie Couric, and past “Tournament of Champion” winners Ken Jennings and “Buzzy” Cohen.

Two other guest hosts, executive producer Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik, were selected by Sony Pictures to become full-time hosts. That news came down on Wednesday, Aug. 11, and will be the first time “Jeopardy!” has a woman as a host.

As it works out, Richards will be hosting the Monday-through-Friday episodes. Bialik will be hosting specials and a possible spin-off show.

So, Outsiders can get ready for the new “Jeopardy!” experience starting this fall. Most guest hosts had two-week stints but as this season neared its close, others who came along only had one-week periods of time.

Buck will be back as the lead play-by-play voice for Fox Sports’ NFL coverage this fall. He’s also the network’s lead voice on his MLB games, including The World Series.

Burton Fans Still Wanted Him to Be Named as Game Show’s Host

It was no secret that Burton wanted that full-time host spot. Some fans have not fully accepted the fact that “Jeopardy!” picked Richards and Bialik.

Yet ratings for his one-week sting as guest host ended up being the lowest of all those hosts. That might have happened because the game show aired during the same time as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were on NBC.

“I’m glad to see Mayim Bialik, but definitely was on team LeVar Burton.”, one Twitter user wrote. “The two of them would’ve been great together.”

Three has been no direct comment from Burton around the announcement. But his fans have his back. Ava DuVernay, a filmmaker known for “Selma,” “A Wrinkle in Time,” and “Middle of Nowhere,” tweeted that she would take matters into her own hands. Burton responded by telling her to check her DMs [direct messages], so maybe they will work on something together.

Anyway, “Jeopardy!” fans will have to get used to a new host behind the lectern. That will be true whether it’s the regular show or specials, too.