‘Jeopardy!’: What to Know About Guest Host David Faber

by Thad Mitchell

Hit game show “Jeopardy!” has yet another brand new guest host this week as journalist David Faber is now presiding over the game.

Faber began his “Jeopardy!” guest-hosting tenure just yesterday (Monday) and is off to a good start. Faber has a plethora of television hosting experience and can currently be seen on CNBC. The 59-year-old Faber specializes in financial journalism having been in the industry for quite some time. He began his career with CNBC in 1993 and has been employed by the media outlet since that time. He currently hosts the network’s morning news program “Squawk on the Street” and has numerous journalistic awards to his name. In 2005, he won a Peabody Award for his work on “The Age of Walmart,” a documentary airing on CNBC. While he doesn’t have the name recognition of some other “Jeopardy!” guest hosts — he certainly has the experience.

As they have done with every other guest host, “Jeopardy!” took to social media on Monday to introduce their latest host.

“As guest host, David Faber wanted to establish a rhythm and create a good experience for the contestants,” the Instagram post proclaims.

Faber is one of several journalists to get a crack at guest-hosting “Jeopardy!” and he will get one week to make an impression. Other journalists taking on the role are Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, Bill Whitaker, Savannah Guthrie, Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos. Faber will be the second to last guest host of the show’s 37th season. Once he wraps up his stint, the job will fall to sports broadcaster Joe Buck. “Jeopardy!” hopes to have a new permanent host before the year ends. The position has been vacant since the passing of the legendary Alex Trebek late last year.

‘Jeopardy!’ Has a New Guest Host for the Week

Despite lacking the star quality of some of the other guest hosts, Faber is off to a promising start. During Monday’s episode, he made a favorable first impression with his opening monologue.

“David Faber is excited for his first day as guest host,” the introduction post says.

Faber is also no stranger to “Jeopardy!” as he competed in a special edition of the show in 2012. He beat out Kareem Abdul-Jabar and fellow journalist Dana Perino to win $50,000.

In order to prepare for his “Jeopardy!” guest hosting experience, Faber invited friends over for a trial run.

“A bunch of my friends showed up to be contestants, to have me be there, and then a few others just to listen and critique,” he says “It actually ended up being very helpful.”

Faber will continue his “Jeopardy!” stint through the remainder of the week. His final episode is set for this Friday.