‘Jeopardy!’: Who Do Fans Want to Take Over for Alex Trebek?

by Thad Mitchell

Since the passing of longtime host Alex Trebek, Jeopardy! has been searching for the right person to take over the role.

While no one will ever fill Trebek’s shoes as well as he did, show producers are giving several people a shot at the gig. Jeopardy! is currently utilizing “guest hosts” to serve in the role of the show’s host. While there’s several celebrities in the on-deck circle waiting for their chance, Ken Jennings has done an admirable job to this point. It is an expectation that Jennings will receive consideration for the full time gig when show executives choose to go that route.

Considered the most successful game show contestant of all time, Jennings has plenty of backers hoping he gets the job. In a recent social media post, Jeopardy! fans express their support for Jennings getting the full time Jeopardy! job.

Jennings says he will “take a whack” at pronouncing the word “genre” during today’s Jeopardy! episode. Trebek had an unusual way of delivering the word during his tenure. Many Jeopardy! fans and Jennings Backers used the comments section of the tweet to cast their vote for host.

“We love you Ken Jennings and look forward to your return to Jeopardy! as the permanent host!” on Twitter user says.

Many other social media users have similar sentiments.

“Ken, we’ve loved you hosting Jeopardy,” a fan says “We hope you’re part of their long-term plans.”

Jeopardy! Utilizing Guest Hosts in Trebek’s Absence

Jennings will wrap up his tenure as the show’s host today (Friday, Feb.19) and a new guest host will come aboard. Mike Richards, the executive producer of Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, will begin his tenure as host on Monday.

The list of Jeopardy! guest hosts coming up is a who’s who of celebrities from all walks of life from journalists to athletes. Journalist and New York Times Best-Selling Author Katie Couric will take the reins from Richards in March. Dr. Mehmet, host of “The Doctor Oz Show” will get his turn after Couric wraps up. Green Bay Packers star quarterback and reigning National Football League Most Valuable Player Aaron Rodgers will take over guest host duties at a date later to be determined. Rodgers won a celebrity edition of the show a few years ago and says he looks forward to the opportunity.

Savannah Guthrie, co-host of NBC News’ TODAY, will serve as host in the future. Anderson Cooper, host of “Anderson Cooper 360,” actress Mayim Bialik, Journalist Bill Whitaker and Dr. Sanjay Gupta round out the list of Jeopardy! guest host.