‘Jeopardy!’: Why Joe Buck Says His ‘Personality Took a Back Seat’ During Guest Hosting Stint

by Clayton Edwards

Alex Trebek passed away in November of last year. Since then, Jeopardy! has been searching for a new host. In doing so, they invited a long list of celebrities to step behind the lectern and read the clues. To say that they cast a wide net when lining up guest hosts would be an understatement. The string of guests started with the show’s executive producer, Mike Richards. Then, trivia legend and friend of Trebek, Ken Jennings took the reins. Since several stars have stepped up to the lectern to try their hand. Among those hosts are Buzzy Cohen, Katie Couric, Aaron Rodgers, LeVar Burton, and several others. Tomorrow, August ninth, sportscaster Joe Buck’s guest-hosting stint begins.

Joe Buck is no stranger to television. Buck has worked with Fox Sports since 1994 as a sportscaster. He is the lead play-by-play man for the NFL as well as the MLB. In fact, when Buck joined the Fox Sports team, he became the youngest man to ever call NFL games on a consistent basis. Additionally, he regularly calls World Series games. He has called those games every year since 1996 with the exception of 1997 and 1999.

Joe Buck’s guest-hosting stint starts tomorrow. So, to get everyone ready for his week behind the lectern as well as to let fans know what he is about, Jeopardy! conducted a short interview with the sportscaster. During that interview, he discussed why he knew his personality had to “take a back seat.”

Joe Buck on Letting His Personality Take a Back Seat to the Game

The Jeopardy! crew wanted to know what Joe Buck hoped to bring to his guest-hosting stint.

Buck said, “Here’s the thing. You have to stay within the confines of the game. But, I think anybody that came in as guest host wants to put their own stamp on it.” About his personal stamp, Joe Buck said he wants to bring some fun to the show. He said he wants to loosen things up some. Additionally, Buck stated that he would like to be remembered for having fun with the contestants and some of the clues.

However, Joe Buck said that the game itself comes before his desire to put his own stamp on the show for his stint. About this, the sportscaster said, “I think my wants and my personality take a back seat to the game, which is how it should be. We’ve all kind of played with the same rules and it needs to be that way.”

Joe Buck is the final Jeopardy! guest host for the season. So, the show will most likely announce its new permanent host before the show’s next season kicks off on September 13.