Jimmy Buffett Hits the Flats in Search of the Fish in New Fly-Fishing Photo

by Joe Rutland

What do Outsiders and Jimmy Buffett have in common? They all love the great outdoors and, as you can tell, ol’ Jimmy is looking for fish.

The “Merchant of Margaritaville” is in his element, going to look for fish as he’s involved in one of his many passions. That would be fly fishing, along with making music and sipping on some good margaritas here and there.

Take a look and see what Jimmy Buffett has gotten himself into with this photo from his Twitter account.

Tell the truth now. You Outsiders who get out in the water like Buffett here or even in your boats have said the same words, too. Always looking for that next fish to take a nibble on your bait. But there you sit and wait…and wait…and wait.

Sometimes, it’s all about the great adventure and going in search of your next catch. Hell, that’s all Jimmy Buffett is doing here. Looking for that next big catch he can go back and tell the guys and gals about at the bar.

Maybe he’s simply enjoying the solitude of the moment here. It’s just him, his rod and reel, and the forever journey toward catching a fish. Outsiders understand all about adventure. That’s what makes an Outsider stand out from others. Adventure. Outdoors. Connecting in a deep way to what brings people together one catch at a time.

Right here, Jimmy Buffett is not wasting away again in Margaritaville. He’s just enjoying the life of a fly-fisherman.

It almost makes you want to go grab those waders from the garage and head out with him. Next time you’re outdoors and go fishing, think about times like these and how much they matter to you as an Outsider.

Jimmy Buffett Released Details Of Unique Ad Collaboration Earlier This Year

Jimmy Buffett has built up quite a business world beyond the music industry. While everyone knows Buffett has solid taste in music, he also has great taste in boats.

There was a time when Buffett purchased his boat, “Euphoria II,” that he agreed to do something. He said that he would do an ad with the boat’s manufacturer. At the same time, the ad would be a way in which Buffett could promote his new album at the time.

The ad headline reads, “The Son of a Son of a Sailor Takes Command of his Cheoy Lee Clipper 48.” It referred to his 1992 album, “Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads.” That album featured a popular Jimmy Buffett song, “Son Of A Son Of A Sailor.”

It should come as no surprise to any Outsider reading this right now that Buffett just loves to sail.