Jimmy Buffett Shows Off the ‘Montserrat Limo’ in Snap from 1979

by Keeli Parkey

Jimmy Buffett and his walks down memory lane have been a constant presence on social media recently. His most latest look at years gone by involves a “limo” and a photo taken by a respected friend.

On Thursday (Jan. 28), the popular “Margartivaville” singer shared a vintage photo of him sitting in a very unique vehicle. “The Montserrat limo. May, 1979,” the post said.

Even for Jimmy Buffett, the photo is very, very Jimmy Buffett. It captures his love for tropical locales, his laid back attitude, and his sense of humor.

Jimmy Buffett References Photographer, Tropical Locale in Twitter Posts

The post also referenced photographer Tom Corcoran. Jimmy Buffett even gave the photographer a shoutout.

“Tom was there for some of the best adventures,” he posted. “More about him tomcorcoran.net.”

According to his website, Corcoran is also an author. He recently released “The Cayo Hueso Maze.” It is the ninth book in the Alex Rutledge series. His books are usually mysteries that are set in the Florida Keys. Other titles include “Octopus Alibi,” “Hawk Channel Chase,” and “Guava Moon Revenge.”

He also wrote the book, “Jimmy Buffett – The Key West Years.” And, he collaborated to write Buffett’s hit songs “Cuban Crime of Passion” and “Fins.” Corcoran also took photos for seven of Buffett’s album covers.

According to an article on Margaritaville.com, Montserrat is a truly special location.

“Surrounded by 25 miles of rugged coastline and empty black sand beaches, the British West Indies island has maintained the leave-it-all-behind vibe that once spurred Beatles producer Sir George Martin to bring his famed AIRs Recording Studio here,” article says. “Back in the day, rockstars like Jimmy Buffett, the Rolling Stones, Sir Elton John and Eric Clapton regularly traipsed through; the rest of us discovered the island in 1997, with the legendary “Music for Monserrat” concert to raise funds after Hurricane Hugo ravaged it. … And indeed the Soufrière Hills Volcano, which after 400 years dormant began erupting in 1995 is awe-inspiring. Standing in front of the 10,000 foot dome enshrouded in steam and spewing lava is like being in the midst of Pompeii or Mordor. And picking the best view has become something of a national sport.”

Buffett Hangs with a Toucan in Throwback Photo and Lyrics Combo

Another “friend” Jimmy Buffett recently referenced on social media was a feathered one – a toucan to be exact.

Shown during his younger days, Buffett poses outside with a toucan in the shot. Accompanying the photo is the caption: “What he lacked in ambition / He made up with intuition.”

Jimmy Buffett fans, who are also known as Parrotheads, or a quick Google search, can reveal that the tweeted lyrics are from his song “Cowboy In the Jungle.” It is a song about a man who just doesn’t fit in and is trying to fin his way in the world.

While he is out of place, the song’s protagonist starts to make the best of his situation. The following lyrics offer solid advice for those who find themselves in such situations. “Roll with the punches / Play all of his hunches / Made the best of whatever came his way / What he lacked in ambition / He made up with intuition / Plowing straight ahead come what may.”