Joanna Gaines Gives First-Look at New ‘Fixer Upper’ Project’s Gorgeous, Natural Light-Filled Kitchen

by Jonathan Howard

With the Magnolia Network in full swing, Chip and Joanna Gaines have been busy with new content. The Gaines, famous Fixer Upper stars, have been busy at work developing new shows and promoting their favorite design concepts. Earlier today, Joanna Gaines took to Instagram to share some new insights on kitchen design.

Via Instagram, Joanna Gaines shared designs from deVOL Kitchens. The bio for deVOL on Instagram says, “Simple furniture, beautifully made.” With showrooms in Leicestershire and London, the designs have gained popularity online. Most recently, deVOL Kitchens debuted their Magnolia Network show.

With the launch of the Magnolia Network, Joanna Gaines is more than just a TV host and designer. Since launching in July, the new network has expanded to not only include interior design. However, with deVOL Kitchens, the focus is entirely on the design. With a focus on old, English homes, the style seems simple and modern. However, that doesn’t mean it lacks character.

Soon, the NYC showroom will be open, but Joanna Gaines got to look and gain some inspiration early on. The English design and inspiration will be on full display every week on the Magnolia Network. Fans can also catch these shows on Discovery Plus. Magnolia Network is part of the Discovery media sphere. The deVOL Kitchens designers will bring their English style to the network with For the Love of Kitchens, the name of the design show.

Joanna Gaines Kitchen Designs

With the age of some homes in England, the show gets to explore some truly unique places. With the kitchen renovations, For the Love of Kitchens takes on difficult renovations. The mix of modern that doesn’t take away from the character of the space is something difficult to achieve.

A kitchen is such a special place in the home. While other spaces in a home are quite important, a kitchen is a gathering space. On top of being a gathering space, it is a place that people create and invest time and care into. The right kitchen can make a house a home, and these designs are absolutely stunning. There aren’t many places in the home that can replicate the energy of a well-designed kitchen.

A simple bar with a nice wood countertop and finish is adaptable and doesn’t pigeonhole the design like a granite or stone countertop can. A bit of greenery around to lighten things up and plenty of light can make the kitchen such a welcoming and beautiful space.

When it comes down to it, a great kitchen is unlike any other room. The kitchen is where you eat, gather, learn, and grow as a family. The designers, Paul and Helen, understand that deeply and put that thought into their kitchen designs. Joanna Gaines has an eye for design and if she is inspired by deVOL Kitchens and their work, they are doing something right.