Joanna Gaines Gives Sneak Peek of Newest ‘Fixer Upper’ Episode with Gorgeous Photo

by Samantha Whidden

While announcing a new episode of Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines shared on her Instagram a snapshot of the show’s latest project. 

“A new episode of #fixerupper is out!” Joanna writes in the post’s caption. “From horse barn to home.. my favorite kind of project.” 

Joanna Gaines told her followers that they can check out the Magnolia Network or Discovery Plus to see all the network’s new episodes that dropped today. “Plenty of good stuff to watch this weekend.”

Joanna Gaines, along with her husband Chip Gaines, launched the Magnolia Network last month. Shows featured on the network are Home Work, The Cabin Chronicles, Restoration Road, and Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines. 

Joanna Gaines Reveals What Advice She Would Give the Younger Generation 

During a 2018 interview with Darling Magazine, Joanna Gaines offers some advice for the younger generation. “If I could tell the younger generation something, it would be to start from within,” Gaines explains. She then says that the younger generation needs to pinpoint insecurities early on and find the root of those dark places. 

“What planted the seed? What started the lie? Find and focus on the truth in those areas and in that place, your heart will find freedom,” Joanna reveals. Gaines then reflects on what she learned through having such a large platform. “We must know the importance and the value of who we are. Whether that is as a stay-at-home mom or a CEO of a large company,” she projects. 

Joanna admits that as she is getting older, the idea of beauty is very different for her.

“I am getting gray hairs and wrinkles, but I feel more beautiful now because I know I have a great purpose.” 

Gaines then notes that beauty comes in so many different forms, whether it’s a delicate rose in the garden or the tender touch of a child.

“Not until I stopped being so hard on myself did I start noticing beauty in other places, and that was freeing and refreshing.” 

Joanna Talks Self Confidence 

Also during the interview with Darling Magazine, Joanna Gaines discusses why she thinks self-confidence can motivate others. “I think when people see others walk out in strength and in their giftings, it’s inspiring,” Joanna declares.

She says she has seen over the years when actions are from pride and she doesn’t think that inspires people. 

“It makes people either want to compete with you or not like you at all,” she states. “I think when you’re walking in a place of ‘What what I do, I want to help you do your thing better too.’ That’s what makes people great.”

Joanna adds that when she’s doing home, she loves what she does and she loves that she gets to create beauty.