John Elway Speaks Out on National Anthem Protests, Twitter Sounds Off

by Hunter Miller

Earlier this week, John Elway revealed the Denver Broncos plan on handling National Anthem kneeling protests. The NFL legend and Broncos General Manager explained that his players have the right to do as they choose. The controversial statement has many on social media weighing in on the hot topic issue.

“We have talked to the team,” Elway said, The Spun reports. “Where I stand is where Broncos stand… players can do as they wish… All we ask is everybody respect everybody… If someone wants to stand, respect they want to stand. Somebody wants to kneel, respect the rights.”

After the statement surfaced on social media, a number of NFL fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts on Elway’s comments. Mike Kleis, who covers the Broncos for 9News, tweeted out the statement, garnering a mixed response from many Twitter users.