John Mayer, Chris Stapleton Recorded Song Together in 2019: Why Wasn’t It Released?

by Atlanta Northcutt

Two music industry talents, Chris Stapleton and John Mayer, performed a surprise song in Nashville in 2019. However, the song was never released, making people question why.

The two debuted a surprise song together in August 2019 while John Mayer was performing a concert at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. The song was written and recorded the day before its debut.

John Mayer Brings Chris Stapleton Onstage

While Mayer was on stage, he told the crowd he’d like to invite a friend up, and told the story of how the song was created.

“I texted this friend and said I’d love to have you sing tonight, and he said I’d love that,” says Mayer. ” So I asked do you want to do one of your songs or one of my songs. He said we could do either, or we can write a song, and then go play it when you get to town.”

“I said, OK. Challenge accepted,” says John.

“I got into town yesterday. We met in the studio. We wrote this song yesterday, and we’re going to play it for you tonight,” continues Mayer. “Please welcome Chris Stapleton.”

Where Has the Song Gone?

On Youtube videos, the audience at Bridgestone Arena erupts in applause and yells of excitement, but those videos are likely the only place fans can listen to the song.

It has never been released by either artist. Many expected the song to be on Stapleton’s new album “Starting Over.” However, that is not the case.

“I Just Remembered That I Didn’t Care”

Fans entitled the song “I Just Remembered That I Didn’t Care,” although neither performer gave an actual title when performing onstage.

It’s an upbeat tune with Mayer on the electric guitar and Stapleton on an acoustic. The video shows them easily playing off one another and trading verses throughout the song.

When asked about the song in an interview with Taste of Country, Stapleton said, “He has a recording somewhere of the two of us kind of making it up in the studio, but we haven’t ever put a bow on that thing,” Stapleton says. “And we might. I’m not saying we won’t. Certainly a fan.”

No disharmony was found to be the reason the song hasn’t officially been released. Perhaps the two musicians may have remembered they just didn’t care. However, the two are also busy working on new projects.