John Travolta and Daughter Recreate Iconic ‘Grease’ Dance for Super Bowl LV Ad

by Thad Mitchell

Legendary actor and leading man John Travolta will be firmly in the spotlight once again during this weekend’s Super Bowl.

No, Travolta won’t be suited for the Kansas City Chiefs or Tampa Bay Bucs (that would be too entertaining), but he does plan on making an impact. The “Pulp Fiction” actor will be reliving one of his most iconic moments with his daughter, Ella, during a Super Bowl commercial break.

The ScottsMiracle-Gro advertisement features numerous celebrities speaking about how the fertilizer has made their backyards glorious creations. The 45-second commercial features Marhta Stewart, actors Carl Weathers and Leslie David Baker and NASCAR racer Kyle Busch appear in the hilarious ad.

The star of the commercial, however, is John Travolta and his 20-year-old daughter, Ella. The elder Travolta, clean-shaven head and all, reaches back to the 1970s to pull out some “Grease” magic.

John Travolta is ‘Born to Hand Jive’ in Super Bowl Ad

Struggling to maneuver a selfie stick at first, Travolta proves he still has the moves as he “hand jives” alongside his daughter.

His “Born to Hand Jive” dance routine in Grease is one of Travolta’s most memorable scenes — and the actor has had plenty of them. While it isn’t Olivia Newton-John at his side, Ella makes more than a formidable replacement as she stays in step with dad. Though much has changed for the 66-year-old since playing T-bird is the iconic movie, it’s clear Travolta remembers the choreography. He doesn’t miss a single step and stays in rhythm through the entirety of the commercial.

“He’s still got it,” Martha Stewart says as the commercial comes to an end.

The homage to the ever popular movie isn’t cheap as 30-second commercials during the big game run around $5.5 million.

The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched television broadcasts of the year. It is expecting an audience in the neighborhood of 100 million viewers this year. With that number of views, it is no surprise that businesses are willing to shell out big bucks to air an advertisement during the game.

This year’s game will see the Chiefs attempting to secure a second straight National Football League Championship. On the other side of the field, Tom Brady will be making his tenth Super Bowl Appearance and his first with the Bucs.