John Wayne Enjoys Afternoon in a Hammock in Glorious Throwback Photo Posted by Estate

by Clayton Edwards

One of the best things about social media is keeping up with our favorite stars. Not long ago, it seemed like celebrities were in a different world altogether. However, now we know what most of them do in their spare time or what they had for lunch yesterday. We never got that chance with some of our favorites, though. Luckily, John Wayne’s estate is active on Instagram.

In their posts, the John Wayne estate gives their followers a glimpse behind the scenes of some of the Duke’s biggest movies. However, their best posts are the ones that shed light on who Wayne was as a man. Usually, there is some element of grit, hard work, or morality attached to those posts. That makes perfect sense. After all, the Duke was a hard-working man who had grit and tenacity to spare. At the same time, he stuck to what he believed was right no matter what.

Yesterday, though, they gave us a look at John Wayne taking some time to relax. I mean, no one can be all business all the time. However, we rarely get to see this side of the Duke. It’s nice to see the legend taking some time to enjoy the spoils of his many victories. Check out the lazy Sunday afternoon post below.

In the photo, John Wayne is kicking back in a hammock. He has a big fluffy pillow behind his head and an even bigger smile on his face. The words on the photo provide all the context that we need. It says, “On a Sunday Afternoon.” It looks like the Duke knew how to enjoy his downtime in style.

Not Pictured: John Wayne’s Whiskey

John Wayne definitely knew how to relax in style. There are few better ways to do that than with a good glass of whiskey. It doesn’t matter if you take it neat, on the rocks, or with a little water, few things hit the spot like a good whiskey. The Duke knew that.

Today, you can drink like an American icon. Duke Whiskey pays homage to John Wayne. Ethan Wayne, his son, developed the spirits based on his father’s expansive whiskey collection. He and his partners took the flavor profiles found in Wayne’s private collection and replicated them.

There are several different entries in the line of John Wayne-inspired whiskey. You can get either straight bourbon or rye. The bourbon is the cheaper option and will only cost you around $45. However, if you want to get something a little nicer, you’ll be looking at a little over $100 for the Duke Grand Cru Reserve or the Duke Grand Cru Double Barrel Rye.

Either way, pick up a bottle, find a comfortable spot, and enjoy the fruits of your labors after a long day. Mixing John Wayne’s whiskey and a hammock might get risky, though.