John Wayne Fans Sound Off on ‘Best Character Intro’ to His Movies in Iconic Clip of The Duke Posted by Estate

by Joe Rutland

John Wayne knew how to impact the start of his movies. But when it comes to a “best character intro” to his flicks, there’s one iconic clip.

In this Instagram post released by the John Wayne Estate, we can see “The Duke” in the opening minutes of his movie “Big Jake.” Fans are encouraged to offer their thoughts about this character introduction into one of Wayne’s motion pictures.

First, though, take a look at the three-plus-minute opening sequence from “Big Jake” for yourself. Again, this is courtesy of the John Wayne Estate through this social media post.

It’s safe to say that a lot of Wayne fans had comments on this clip. After all, it is from one of Wayne’s most recognized characters.

John Wayne Fans Comment About Iconic Film’s Opening Scene

One John Wayne fan wrote, “I absolutely love this movie it’s one of my favorites especially the Daddy scene when he Yanks his son off his horse.”

“Watched this scene and sent chills down my spine!! Love Duke!!” another fan wrote on the Instagram post.

Yet another wrote quoting from the movie, “daddy.. you ever call me daddy again i will finish this fight.”

From one John Wayne fan, “Not one of the best THE best character intro of all time”.

“Now I understand why my dad loved this part,” another fan wrote. “I grew up with my dad having my sibs and me watch several John Wayne film. When i get nostalgic I would watching it with my older eyes and understanding it more.”

One of the things that might surprise some people is how close John Wayne was to Ronald Reagan.

Reagan, back in 1988, was interviewed for a documentary, “John Wayne: An American Hero.”

Former President Ronald Reagan Recalled Wayne Support During SAG Strike

When asked for any closing comments, Reagan said, “There’s one thing that I think shows the character of that man as well as anything.”

He talked about the first Screen Actors Guild strike when Reagan was SAG president. Reagan was catching a lot of flack from the media and others in Hollywood.

At that time, they only knew about each other. But that didn’t stop Wayne from supporting him. Reagan talked about “The Duke” reaching out to first lady Nancy Reagan, his wife.

“One day, Nancy told me that she’d had a phone call that morning after I left and it was John Wayne,” Ronald Reagan said. Reagan said Wayne just called to say, “I thought you might want to hear a friendly voice about this time.” He then went on to tell Nancy Reagan how supportive he was of Ronald Reagan as head of SAG.