John Wayne Shares a Beverage with Some Heroes in Epic Veterans Day Post from the Duke’s Estate

by Jon D. B.

John Wayne’s estate is celebrating our U.S. veterans in the most Duke way possible with this excellent throwback photo.

“Happy Veteran’s Day 🇺🇸 Today we honor all those who have bravely served our country,” Wayne’s estate begins. This Thursday is Veteran’s Day for Americans. As all fans of The Duke know, John Wayne was a staunch supporter of the U.S. Military, America, and all its endeavors. Much of his legendary film career was dedicated to our service men and women through the stories he told. And even all these years after his death, his estate continues to hold true to his heart.

To ensure this, “All Veterans and active duty military will receive free admission to John Wayne: An American Experience today,” the John Wayne Estate announces on their official Instagram. Tickets, as they cite, are available at this link here.

As for the photo, the vintage snap shows John Wayne visiting with U.S. troops stationed in Vietnam during the war. It’s a brilliant shot that showcases the joy this brought to both The Duke and those in service to our country:

To this end, John Wayne fans are coming out in droves to support the post.

“I just watched two of my favorites “The Were Expendable” and “The Green Berets”. He never embarrassed or disgraced America or the Military,” comments veteran Vaughn Ehrman on Instagram. “He amplified everything ‘We’ and the Military stood for.”

John Wayne’s Son, Ethan, Remembers His Father as ‘Never Inconvenienced’ By U.S. Troops

A meaningful memory on this front comes from the latest edition of the John Wayne Official Collector’s Edition book. Within, The Duke’s youngest son, Ethan Wayne, recalls a touching story of his father.

“One night when I was around 10, we heard a noise down by the dock next to our house and Dad went down there with his gun to check it out. It ended up being some soldiers who had just returned from overseas,” Ethan begins. He goes on to explain how much John Wayne meant to the troops; a sentiment that absolutely went both ways.

This is important to note, because as you may have guessed, these particular troops had made a “spontaneous trip” to the Wayne household. How did The Duke respond?

“Dad told them, ‘Come up here and have a drink with me,’ and they talked for about a half hour before Dad sent them on their way.”

They don’t make ’em like they used to. From all of us here at Outsider, Happy Veteran’s Day to our U.S. troops. And a hearty thanks to the John Wayne Estate for going above and beyond for our service men and women.