John Wayne’s Son Picks His Father’s 4 Top Films in 2014: Video

by Katie Maloney

John Wayne’s son opens up about working with his father and which of his father’s films are his favorite.

Undoubtedly, John Wayne is an American icon. Wayne starred in more than 170 movies throughout his 50-year career. We frequently hear critics review their favorite Wayne films. However, it’s not often that we get to hear the opinions of a John Wayne family member. In celebration of his father’s accomplishments, Patrick Wayne, John Wayne’s son shared which of his father’s movies are his favorite. During an appearance at the Autry National Center, Patrick talks about his father’s talents.

“His character ended when the director said cut. He wasn’t like any of his characters. He was a much richer person, thank God for that,” said Patrick.

Patrick Wayne shares which John Wayne films are his favorite.

When asked which of his father’s films is his favorite, Patrick says that he “has a few.” One of his favorites is The Shootist – the last film his father made before passing. Patrick says that it took him 10 years to be able to watch it.

“The last one he did, I couldn’t look at it for 10 years. When I finally got around to looking at it, probably one of the finest performances just from a pure acting performance,” said Patrick. “Rarely was he ever a vulnerable person on screen. But he certainly showed some vulnerability in that film,” said Patrick.

Patrick says that he also loves She Wore A Yellow Ribbon for which a 30-year-old Wayne played a man retiring from the cavalry. He also highlights Red River as one of the first films that solidified Wayne’s spot as a talented Hollywood actor.

The Shootist starring John Wayne

John Wayne’s Son Worked With Him In Several Movies

Patrick wasn’t limited to simply admiring his father’s onscreen talents. From an early age, Patrick got the chance to work alongside his father in several films including The Searchers which Patrick highlights as one of his favorite John Wayne films. The two shot 10 movies and three TV productions together. Patrick says that because of his interest in acting, he had a slight advantage over his brothers and sisters. “I was quite often alone with my dad,” said Patrick. “I didn’t have to share him or compete with my brothers and sisters for his attention,” he said.

Patrich emphasizes that his father was far different from the characters he played on screen. In fact, Patrick says that, although he never really got to show it in movies, John Wayne had a great sense of humor.

“I would say my dad had a terrific sense of humor, a bit on the dry side,” said Patrick. “It wasn’t really something that he employed in film. There’s just a handful of films where you get any sense of his humor. But he had plenty of humor. He was quick on his feet,” he said.

Of his 170 films, Wayne only really got to highlight his comedy chops in a few films including, Trouble Along the Way, North to Alaska, Hatari!, Donovan’s Reef, and McLintock!

John Wayne’s The Searchers