Kanye West Receives Final Tally of Votes, Performs Strongest in Tennessee

by Quentin Blount

Following a night of counting ballots, Kanye West has officially amassed more than 60,000 votes in the race for the presidency of the United States. West appeared on the ballot in 12 states.

West, a Grammy Award-winning musician and fashion designer, will not add President of the United States to his resume. He’s also the husband of Keeping Up With the Kardashians‘ Kim Kardashian.

The rapper announced his concession on Twitter, but he included a big announcement.

“KANYE 2024,” the rapper tweeted. His tweet implies he intends to run for president again in 2024.

West has his eyes set on 2024 now, giving him time to perhaps file the paperwork on time to get on that ballot. He was only included in 12 state contests this election because he missed the filing deadlines.

West earned more than 60,000 votes in the 12 contests he was in. He performed the best in Tennessee, however, garnering more than 10,000 votes.

His updated state-by-state breakdown is as follows, according to the Associated Press.

In Arkansas, he got 3,979 votes; Colorado, 6,127; Idaho, 2,309; Iowa, 3,179; Louisiana, 4,837; Minnesota, 6,796; Mississippi, 3,009; Oklahoma, 5,587; Tennessee, 10,188; and in Utah, he got 4,053 votes, according to the preliminary tallies, Deadline said.

According to a Federal Election Commission filing, West raised $11.5 million. Though he loaned about $10.3 million of that to his own campaign.

Kanye West Casts Ballot for Himself

Kanye West’s name was trending on Twitter Tuesday after the hip-hop superstar made a series of posts to his account. West didn’t get involved in politics until later in life. In fact, he claims the first ballot he ever cast was on Tuesday. The independent wrote in his own name.

Because West’s campaign began relatively late in the presidential race, he failed to qualify for the ballot in Wyoming, where he lives. However, West’s name was on the ballot in 12 states: Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, and Vermont.

As a result, he had to vote for his own ticket as a write-in option.

West shared a video of his ballot being scanned

“The first vote of my life. We are here to serve. We pray for every servant leader in the world,” West tweeted.

The rapper and presidential candidate, meanwhile, documented the experience. West was sporting an “I Voted” sticker on his blue sweatshirt.