Katie Couric Voices Frustration on Twitter After Instagram Goes Down

by Samantha Whidden

Television and online journalist Katie Couric took to her Twitter to share her frustration over Instagram struggling with some technical difficulties on Monday (August 2nd).

“Arggghhh.” Katie Couric writes in her post, which features a snapshot of her Instagram account with an error message. “Try Again Later: We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram to protect our community. Tell us if you think you made a mistake.”

According to DownDetector, users indicated problems on Instagram. The platform also experienced issues on July 29th, 28th, and 23rd. 

Katie Couric Opens Up About Her First Memoir ‘Unexpected’

In May 2020, Katie Couric opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about her first memoir Unexpected. When asked why she decided to write a book about her life now, Couric states, “I’ve had this extraordinary career and personal life that spans over 40 years. It’s shocking for me to say, but so much has changed.”

Katie Couric also explains she’s writing about her personal experience, but she’s also using the “backdrop” of 40 years in U.S. history that she’s witnessed. “So much of it’s all recorded, too. My place is full of boxes and boxes of tapes, articles, and photographs.”

Katie Couric admits that her researcher-slash-assistant, Adriana, assisted in helping her write the book by going through all the documents about her career. “She tried all these different ways to reach out to me and ultimately came over to my apartment to interview me,” she explains. “I was very flattered that she thought I was interesting enough to write about.”

When asked how she’s balancing her personal experiences with the industry from history stuff, Katie says, “I’m trying to strike the right tone and touch on various aspects of my life. I’ve gone through a lot. I lost my husband when I was 41. I lost my sister a few years later. But I also have very funny dating stories.”

Katie Talks COVID-19 Quarantine 

While also chatting with The Hollywood Reporter, Katie discusses her time in the Hamptons during the COVID-19 lockdowns. “I’m doing my podcast from home, and I’ve got our daily newsletter,” Katie explains.

Katie Couric also doing a lot of social media and teaming up with Time magazine to do profiles on those affected by the COVID-19 virus. “Initially frontline medical workers but increasingly others. We’re going to do a series on people who have lost their livelihoods.”

Katie then discusses how she’s interviewing people remotely during the lockdowns. “I had to learn how to iterate content and across different digital platforms [prior to COVID-19 pandemic]. So I feel pretty comfortable in this space. And, you know, a conversation is a conversation.”

Katie goes onto add that she’s been very active on social media for quite a while so the pandemic didn’t really affect her work environment.