WATCH: Kelly Clarkson Makes Hilarious ‘Dramatic Entrance’ to the White House in Behind-the-Scenes Video

by Will Shepard

The White House is an incredibly special place, and Kelly Clarkson knows that. So, Kelly Clarkson thought that her entrance to the White House should be just as special.

On Thursday, February 25, she was invited to the White House to film an interview for her show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” There were a couple of reasons that she got to go to the famous building.

One of the reasons was to be able to interview Dr. Jill Biden for her show. The other reason was to perform a song in the East Room of the White House. The song she chose to perform for the people there was Youngblood’s “Get Together.” It is safe to guess that her rendition of the song was exceptional.

Kelly Clarkson Had an Incredible Second Entrance into the White House

Getting to go visit the White House is an incredible honor. There are very few people who actually get to step foot inside the special place while not doing a tour of the building. So, Kelly Clarkson was going to film walking into the building for the first time.

But, she thought that it would be breaking rules, so she kept the camera away. On the second take of her walking into the building, she get’s exactly what she wanted to film. Her narration is comical, certainly making fun of herself the whole time.

“I wasn’t able to film in the beginning because I thought, I don’t know, the Secret Service was going to take me down. So, this is a dramatic, you know, redo of my entrance to the White House. And here’s the thing – look at that. That’s across there. Look, we are about to go in. See! We have never been in. We haven’t been in yet. It’s so new. And we are just going to come on in here, and we are just going to say, ‘Hello, White House!’ We’re here! Yeah!”

However, once she finished her visit, Kelly Clarkson decided to recreate walking into the building for the first time. This video is hilarious while also providing a little sneak peek at the entrance of the White House.