Kelly Clarkson Releases Adorable Fan Video for ‘Under the Mistletoe’ with Brett Eldredge

by Will Shepard

Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas present to her fans this year is an amazing, feel-good video tribute to her fans. Clarkson organized a video submission for people to be featured in a music video for her new song.

The video is for her and Brett Eldredge’s song “Under the Mistletoe.” The song has been growing in popularity since its release in late October.

Clarkson co-wrote the song with Eldredge. The upbeat track is now paired with a video montage of people sharing photos and videos of holiday cheer.

Even though the song already has an “official” music video, this one seems sure to be a fan favorite. The music video is an animated video that premiered on December 10. However, this new video seems to take the metaphorical cake.

Clarkson shares the new video on Twitter. She says that she is grateful for all the people who submitted videos of their favorite mistletoe moments. Regardless of whether or not people are kissing under the mistletoe, the video is certainly adorable.

Kelly Clarkson Making “Under the Mistletoe”

Kelly Clarkson has been making the round singing and showcasing her song. She’s performed the song alongside Eldredge on the “Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” as well as on “The Voice.”

Clarkson talks about how important it was to have Eldredge join her on the song. She says that his voice compliments hers and brings out the joy of Christmas like no one she’s heard before.

“I was impressed by his classic sound on his Christmas record, so it was a perfect match. I was blown away by the soul and joy that it brought into my life the moment I heard it.”

The pair of singers certainly created a memorable Christmas song. Moreover, the fan video serves to further this year’s Christmas cheer.

Although the song may not be Clarkson’s biggest Christmas hit, it is certainly well written. Atlantic Records, who released the song for the two singers seem to be very pleased with the reception of the song.

In particular, one reviewer of the song says that the song “packs enough pep to take you all the way through to the big day.” And it certainly does.

The song’s lyrics seem to embody the perseverance of people all around the world. 2020 is coming to a close, and people are trying to get their lives back to normal. People are certainly finding solace in the words to Clarkson’s song.

“When I close my eyes / It’s just you and I / Here under the mistletoe / Magic fills the air / Standin’ over there / Santa hear my prayer / Here under the mistletoe.”