Kelly Clarkson Speaks With Father Who Left Daughter Notes for Every Day of His Military Deployment

by Halle Ames

Now for your daily dose of heartwarming, feel-good stories that will make you want to hug your parents. Kelly Clarkson was joined on her show by a military father who wrote hundreds of notes for his daughter while deployed.

On Veterans Day, with an audience of virtual military personnel, Clarkson honored a special guest with a touching story.

Kelly Clarkson Honors Father Overcoming Deployment

Staff Sergeant Philip Gray was deployed in Afghanistan and away from his wife, Kristen, and seven-year-old daughter, Rosie. To make up for not being there to see Rosie every day, he would send a bundle of messages home. One for every day that he was away.

“I wrote about 30 to 40 notes every day for a little over a week just to make sure that Rosie has something to read inside her lunch box every single day while I was gone,” said Gray. “Because we don’t get a chance to be here for all the holidays we miss– you know, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years. I just made it back three days before her birthday this year, so that was a big plus.”

Family of Military Father

According to Kirsten, Philip has always loved leaving the sentiments for the family.

“Actually, before we were even married, he would leave some little notes for me, whether it was just like in the kitchen or next to the bed,” said Kristen. “But especially after we had Rosie and he would go away for training, whether it was days, weeks, months, it always came at just the right time. We’d find something just to make us smile. He would always think of these little things to write and just leave a happy note. So it’s been a really cool thing for our family.”

Clarkson then asked the little girl to share with the audience what her favorite notes her father left her were.

“‘Always smile, it makes everyone else smile.’ ‘Have a great day, Bug! Love Dad,’ and ‘Love you – Dad.'”

The last note featured a drawing of a sticker person flying a helicopter.

Pilot Pens, a sponsor of the Kelly Clarkson Show, also sent the family a gift of their G2 gel ink pens. This way, the family can continue to write decorative, heartwarming notes.

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