Kelly Preston’s Costar Says ‘You Wouldn’t Have Known’ She Had Breast Cancer on Set of Final Film: ‘So Vibrant’

by Keeli Parkey

Even while she was battling the breast cancer that eventually took her life, actress Kelly Preston put on a brave face for her co-stars. And, she gave a convincing performance.

And, how the wife of John Travolta faired while she worked as she battled cancer, has come to light thanks to one of her co-stars.

That co-star is actress Sally Phillips. According to PEOPLE, the two actresses worked together on the film, “Off the Rails.” The 51-year-old Phillips talked about Kelly Preston during a recent appearance on the show, “Loose Women.”

During her appearance, Phillips said Preston was “private” about her personal health on the set of “Off the Rails.” The film turned out to be the last Preston made before her death last year.

“She was so bloomin’ beautiful. And so vibrant and you would never have known,” Phillips said of Preston. “She was so professional.”

The dignity that Kelly Preston brought with her to the “Off the Rails” set as she battled cancer is not unlike other movie stars who also battled the often deadly disease, according to Phillips. Other examples are the star of a famous Marvel movie and a woman famous for playing a villain in the “Harry Potter” franchise.

“We’ve had a couple of high-profile examples of that recently … Chadwick [Boseman] and Helen McCrory didn’t tell anyone,” Phillips also said.

The actress also offered up an explanation as to why actors would keep their battles with cancer a secret.

“That’s what people do — they go through it on their own because of worries about insurance for the film, and working again afterward,” Sally Phillips also shared.

John Travolta, Kelly Preston’s Famous Husband, Talked About Her Final Film On Social Media

Actress Sally Phillips was not the only person who recently commented on Kelly Preston’s work in the film “Off the Rails.” Her famous husband, John Travolta, also shared his thoughts. He did so through his Instagram account.

In a post in which the 67-year-old actor shared the film’s trailer, Travolta shared his thoughts on his late wife’s last film.

“‘Off the Rails’ is Kelly’s last film. She was very proud of it and of all of the wonderful talent that she got to work with in it,” Travolta said in his Instagram post. The film made its debut in Ireland and the United Kingdom on Friday, July 23.

According to IMDb, the plot of “Off the Rails” is: “Now in their 50’s, four friends recreate an inter-rail journey across Europe, but this time 18-year-old Maddie is taking her mother’s place, fulfilling her dying wish. With lost passports, train strikes and romantic entanglements thrown in their way, they must put old feuds aside to complete the journey within five days and remind themselves that they are still at their peak.”

Kelly Preston passed away due to breast cancer on July 12, 2020, in Clearwater, Florida, according to IMDb. She was 57 years old at the time. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Oct. 13, 1962.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston married in 1991. They were married for 28 years prior to her passing. They had three children together – Ella, Benjamin, and Jett. Jett passed away at just 16 years old in 2009.