Kelly Ripa’s Sons Look Nearly Identical To Their Dad in New Post

by Samantha Whidden

Talk show host Kelly Ripa took to her Instagram on Wednesday to share a snapshot of her two sons, who look exactly like their dad, Mark Consuelos. 

“One of these two fine gents will be a guest on Live! Tomorrow,” Kelly Ripa wrote in the caption.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos met on the set of All My Children in 1995 and eloped in May 1996. They have three children, Michael, Lola, and Joaquin. 

Kelly Ripa Declares That ‘All My Children’ Is Responsible For Her ‘Entire’ Life

In a February 2021 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kelly Ripa recalls how she met Mark Consuelos on the set of All My Children. “[The show] is responsible for my entire life,” Kelly declares. “I don’t like say that lightly.”

Kelly Ripa then says she got Live With Regis and Kelly while standing in the dressing room of All My Children. She also met her husband had her children on the soap opera set. “It’s responsible for my entire life. I’m not being glib when I say that.”

Kelly then states she was devastated when the show came to an end ten years ago. “Not for myself because I had left the show by then, but I was devastated for the fan base [because] it means so much to them.”

Kelly Discusses Being a Young Wife and Mom 

Live With Kelly and Ryan star Kelly Ripa recently discusses with Bustle what it was like to be a wife and mom in her 20s. “At the time I didn’t think of myself as young, even though it’s incredibly,” she explains. Ripa also says she had been on her own for 10 years at that point.

Kelly also says by the time she met Mark, he seemed very much like a grownup because he grew up all over the world and was mature for his age. “It’s funny when I look back at pictures, we look like our children. And, to me, I think of them as gloried newborns.”

Also explaining how she has changed since her 20s, Kelly says she’s less tolerant in a “really” productive way. “Yeah, I think that I am less tolerant of people’s bullshit. I’ve certainly, as my children got older, I grew to have more patience for them,” she states. “And then you grow completely impatient with other things, like misery, which being underpaid in your workspace.”

Kelly then admits that her husband, who had no acting experience prior to All My Children somehow was paid more than her immediately, despite having five more years of experience. “It was immediate. I just couldn’t believe how quickly they were willing to pay the man more than the woman.”