Ken Jennings Shares Hilarious Take on ‘Elf on the Shelf’ Trend in New Tweet

by Jennifer Shea

“Jeopardy!” star Ken Jennings has something cooler than an elf on a shelf.

In a Tuesday tweet, Jennings shared a message from a fan who’s been watching ABC’s “The Chase” with his daughter, a new game show in which Jennings also appears. The fan got to talking about the history of “Jeopardy” with his kid, who then surprised him with a whiteboard drawing of Jennings as “the magical fairy princess that can fix my grades.”

“Bipity bopoty boo!” the tyke captioned the picture.

Jennings, in a departure from the established format for Elf on the Shelf memes, quote-tweeted the fan’s message and added, “You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf, but have you heard of.”

‘Elf on the Shelf’ Memes Circulate Among Celebrities

Elf on the Shelf memes have become popular among celebrities – everyone from George Strait to Carrie Underwood to Jake Owen to Brad Paisley is jumping on the bandwagon.

Paisley in particular is a skilled Elf on the Shelf poster, staging multiple Elf on the Shelf scenes and sharing them on Instagram.

For the most part, those celebrities all posted their Elf on the Shelf memes around the holidays. And their memes often featured a rhyming formula and another celebrity. For example, “You’ve heard of Elf on a Shelf, but have you heard of ‘Grease’ on Reese [Witherspoon]?” Or, “You’ve heard of Elf on a Shelf, but have you heard of [Tom] Hanks on [Elizabeth] Banks?”

Jennings broke with both those customs. But after seeing the cute whiteboard drawing that was one kid’s takeaway from her father’s “Jeopardy” history lesson, does anyone really care?

Ken Jennings Has Been Busy Lately

After a stint guest-hosting “Jeopardy!,” Jennings has also been appearing on the game show “Master Minds.” In the latter show, the contestants try to stump “masterminds” like Jennings, Muffy Marracco, Raj Dhuwalia, Arianna Haut, Ryan Chaffee, Susannah Brooks, David Schuchinski and Jonathan Corblah. If they do, they get to win prizes.

Before he took over for legendary “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek, Jennings was the most successful “Jeopardy!” contestant of all time, winning 74 straight games in a row and taking home over $4.5 million.

Trebek died in November of pancreatic cancer. He was 80 years old. Before he died, he jokingly said that he wanted the 99-year-old actress Betty White to replace him as host.