Kevin Costner, Diane Lane Open Up About Reuniting in ‘Let Him Go’

by Matthew Wilson

For Diane Lane, reuniting with Kevin Costner is a “dream come true.” Lane will play opposite of the Yellowstone actor in the upcoming film Let Him Go.

The two actors previously starred in the Man of Steel franchise together. They played Superman’s adoptive parents Jonathan and Martha Kent. Though they shared limited screen-time together, they were excited at the prospect of working together again.

“Because we only had a few minutes in the times that we’d gotten to work together before,” Lane told The Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t think my heart could’ve handled it if he’d said, ‘no.’ You take a big risk on being rejected. But you know, nothing risked, nothing gained.”

Kevin Costner and Diane Lane Headline a Movie Together for the First Time

Costner also had lovely things to say about his co-star. He said working with Lane felt natural.

“Well, she’s one of our great leading ladies, I mean, in any decade,” Costner said of Lane. “You understand why she is a leading lady because she commands the screen. She comes in with such a point of view that it’s just easy to play with her, against her.”

Both actors starred in various movies and became stars in the 1980s and 90s. But this is the first time they will headline a film together. In Let Him Go, the two actors once again play parents with a steely resolve. Their characters are trying to rescue their grandson from his violent step-father and his family.

As Yellowstone fans should know, you shouldn’t cross John Dutton or mess with his family. Costner said he fell in love with the script of the movie.

“I think movies are at their best when they are surprising us. When they do take us someplace we didn’t expect to go,” said Costner. “When I read Let Him Go, I didn’t really know where it was going. And when I started to feel it, hopefully, the audience will start to feel it. And it put a lot of dread in me. But I just kept reading. Because I couldn’t stop watching a couple who were in love and were really going the wrong way.”

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