Kevin Costner Explains Why He Enjoys Working with Diane Lane, Calls Her ‘World Class Actress’

by Atlanta Northcutt

Two all-star actors in one film can only result in a fantastic performance, especially when actor Kevin Costner, sees his co-star as a ‘world-class actress’.

Kevin Costner praises Diane Lane in new film

Costner and Diane Lane star in the upcoming film “Let Him Go”. The thriller surrounds the lives of a couple reunited through grief as they attempt to save their grandson at all costs.

Both stars have several hit films under their belts, and are both top performers in the industry.

The two actors previously performed together as the parents of Superman in 2013’s “Man of Steel”.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kevin Costner gave great praise to Diane Lane.

Favorite Parts of Working Together

When asked what their favorite parts of working together are, Costner only had good things to say about the actress.

“Well, number one, she’s a world-class actress, I think. She’s one of the best that we’ve ever had,” he says. “There’s just no doubt about it. You can go to the Golden Age of Hollywood, and I would stack her up against any of the Barbara Stanwycks and the Hepburns.”

“We felt like we only worked together for a minute on [Man of Steel], but the promise of what could be wasn’t going to be extended in that particular movie, so this was an interesting way to circle back,” adds Kevin. “And she’s very dynamic in a very difficult role.”

Lane also gave Costner a pat on the back regarding his acting chops.

“Kevin is a special human being. He has a genuine proof in his life and career and choices that he makes that he cares about and supports strong women,” says Diane during the interview. “And you know, I can’t say that about all movie stars. It’s just a trait that is inherently noble and it’s unspoken, but it’s definitely present with him wherever he goes. It’s inseparable.”

“Let Him Go”

Costner portrays a retired sheriff. He and his wife, Martha (Lane), are still grieving the death of their son when they embark on a trip to rescue their young grandson from a dangerous clan living off the grid in Wyoming. Things go from bad to worse when the two face off against the fierce enemy patriarch, played by Lesley Manville.

The Western thriller has had the highest box office weekend earnings in over a month, and it could be due to the co-stars respect for each other and acting skills.