Kevin Costner Reveals Glorious ‘Robin Hood’ Trading Card in Latest Post

by Jon D. B.
Kevin Costner Reveals Glorious 'Robin Hood' Trading Card in Latest Post

Yes: the mullet is there. Fans of Hollywood icon Kevin Costner are in for a serious bout of nostalgia once they lay eyes on this old-school Robin Hood trading card.

“Just came across these throwback Robin Hood trading cards 😂 Who thinks we should bring trading cards back?” the Yellowstone star posts to Instagram.

Within, we’re treated to a fantastically 90s trading card from his Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves venture. And it’s all there: the tights, the bow, the arrows, and the mullet. It’s hard for some of us to imagine, but there’s an entirely new generation of Kevin Costner fans out there (largely thanks to Yellowstone) who are unfamiliar with his heyday Hollywood films. Robin Hood is one such film, and Costner absolutely rocks a period-questionable mullet throughout.

For several reasons, Costner’s mullet and accent (or lack thereof) among them, the 1991 film never quite found it’s footing with audiences. Looking back, however, it remains one of Hollywood’s stronger attempts at the English legend. And making over $300 million at the box office in 1991 is nothing to shrug at, either.

Kevin Costner’s 90s Films Come Back to Haunt Him

While Robin Hood may earn the star the occasional ribbing from fellow actors, Kevin Costner means business when it comes to film. Known as a polite, yet serious and focused gentleman, he’s not one to lash out – but also does not suffer fools lightly.

Such is the case in 2021 as the actor gears up for an intense legal battle with the former producing partner. Not just any partner, however. The partner from some of his best-known films – many of which were made right alongside Robin Hood.

Costner, 65, is suing a former Hollywood business partner, to put it plainly. The case is a hefty one, too, with the iconic actor filing for $15 million. The target? Jim Wilson.

Wilson is more than a former co-producer and business partner of Costner’s, too. He also happens to be the individual who scored Costner his first starring role. Trivia alert: this was in 1983’s Stacey’s Knights. The two go way back, in short, and have deep ties with one another.

Now, they’re set to do legal battle over said millions of dollars. And it’s all due to one of Hollywood’s most beloved films: 1990’s Dances with Wolves.

In our previous coverage, Kevin Costner states he “wanted to pay back the opportunity Wilson gave him and brought him on as a producer for 1990’s Dances with Wolves“. The film won them both a Best Picture Oscar. Moreover, the two would go on to work on several of Costner’s classics. The BodyguardMessage in a Bottle and The Postman are chief among them.

Intrigued? So were we. Read the full case details over at Kevin Costner Files $15 Million Lawsuit Against Former Producing Partner Over Company Stocks next.