Kevin Costner Reveals the Old School Item He Still Travels With on the Road

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone lead and Hollywood legend Kevin Costner recounts the charming reason he still carries this one item with him whenever he’s driving.

While speaking in an interview on HearHere‘s Instagram, the famed John Dutton actor gets candid about his own old school habits. More specifically: the one thing he’s never without while driving the open roads.

“What’s one road trip item you don’t leave home without?” HearHere captions their interview with the actor. “You’ll be surprised to hear what Kevin Costner keeps in his car just in case things don’t turn out as planned.”

Costner’s response is a gem, as his answer comes with an immediate smile.

“There’s one I travel with that’s actually not as ‘in vogue’ anymore. I, you know, was born in the mid-50s… So, in the 60s, since we did travel a lot as a family, because that’s how we had to travel… I used to always remember seeing my dad having to get out and get on the ground to have to fix the tire, or whatever,” the Yellowstone icon recalls.

“And there was always a mat,” Costner smiles again. “He didn’t want to have to get down where it was really hot and warm, in an already uncomfortable situation. Or in the snow,” he recalls, still smiling.

Kevin Costner’s ‘One Item’ Conjures Relatable Memories of his Father

“There was always a mat,” Costner laughs of his father – and now himself. “Bring a mat in case we’ve gotta get out of this car!”

For this reason, Kevin Costner always has a matt with him in his own vehicle to this day.

“It’s those little things that you can sometimes still hear the echo of your parents,” he recalls.

“But now, I guess, you just don’t leave home without your iPhone,” Costner smirks. “Without being able to communicate… But back then it was: ‘Get that mat!’,” he imitates of Costner Sr. “I gotta change a tire, I’m not doin’ it in the middle of the heat!”

The interview’s levity surely comes as a welcomed change for Kevin Costner. Recently, the actor entered a high-profile lawsuit against a former producing partner of his. Not just any partner, however: the gent with whom he financed everything from Dances With Wolves to The BodyguardMessage in a Bottle, and The Postman.

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