Kevin Costner Says He Relates to ‘Let Him Go’ Character’s Reactions to Grandson Disappearance

by Jennifer Shea

Kevin Costner can relate to a man who will do anything to get his grandson back.

In an Entertainment Weekly interview, the actor shares his feelings about his character in the new movie “Let Him Go.”

Costner Plays Desperate Grandparent

Costner plays George Blackledge, a retired Montana sheriff. His son has just died. The son’s widow, Lorna, disappears with the Blackledges’ grandson Jimmy into the clutches of the Weboy clan, a sinister group living off the grid in Wyoming. George’s wife Margaret is determined to retrieve the boy. George has no choice but to follow her.

“There was something about the writing in this particular instance that I knew where the story was going right away,” Costner said. “A lot of times that can be a bad thing, but in this instance it’s just a sense of dread that his wife, right or wrong, is taking him down a road that he knows is a bad path.” 

Asked if he could relate to how Blackledge handles the disappearance of his grandson, Costner said yes. He thought the character’s choices in the film rang true.

“Yeah, every bit of it,” Costner said. “Because if something’s not true, I’ll flag it. I just will. The writing of the situation was natural. It was very human, very honest. And that immediately makes it easier to play.”

Interpersonal to Geopolitical

But even beyond the interpersonal dynamics of the story, Costner told UPI that he sees political overtones to the film.

“There are a lot of people fighting in this country over really misguided ideas,” Costner said. “It’s there. [And] it’s part of us. It’s an ugly part of us, and it just came out in this movie, and I was really happy to do it.”

Amid a global pandemic, the movie has still managed to pull in $4.1 million in box office sales. It was the most successful film opening in six weeks for Hollywood.