Kevin Costner Speaks on Why He Took His Role in New Movie ‘Let Him Go’

by Jon D. B.

Kevin Costner goes into detail about why he took on ‘Let Him Go’ with Diane Lane, which premieres in theaters this Friday.

For Yellowstone star Kevin Costner, there will never be a shortage of projects. As one of the most in-demand leading men – still – decades into his career, the actor has his pick.

Regardless – next up for Costner is the thriller Let Him Go. The film is described as an American neo-Western drama film. Thomas Bezucha is producing and has written & directed the feature, based on the 2013 novel of the same name by Larry Watson. So what made Costner say yes to a thriller like Let Him Go?

Two things: Diane Lane – and the script.

“I think movies are at their best when they are surprising us,” Costner says in regards to the script. “When they do take us someplace we didn’t expect to go.”

Being unable to predict (or set down) the script whilst reading it had Costner won over almost instantly. “They can be about so many things,” he continues. “But when I read ‘Let Him Go’ I didn’t really know where it was going.”

“And when I started to feel it – is hopefully when the audience will start to feel it. It put a lot of dread in me. But I just kept reading, because I couldn’t stop watching the couple who were in love – and were really going the wrong way.”

In addition, Costner says he and Diane Lane have wanted to work together again. Lane herself, however, was unsure of what his answer would be after time passing. Luckily for her, she quips – he said yes. Her admiration is returned by Costner, as well.

“Well she’s one of our great leading ladies – of any decade,” Costner says of Lane. “You understand why she is – She comes in with just such a point of view – it’s just easy to play with her and against her.”

“Kevin Costner, Diane Lane and Lesley Manville spoke to THR about their new dramatic thriller ‘Let Him Go.’ They also opened up about working together, and why they think this film will surprise audiences. Focus Features’ ‘Let Him Go’ hits theaters on November 6.”

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Kostner ends his portion of the interview by telling fans this one “keeps its promise,” and will have audiences on the edge of their seat.

Let Him Go hits theaters this Friday, November 6th. Costner will also make his return to Yellowstone for Season 4 in 2021.