Kid Rock Hits the Studio and Says It ‘Gets Real’ Tomorrow

by Jonathan Howard

It looks like Kid Rock has been spending some time in the studio and he’s ready to drop some music. It, “gets real,” tomorrow, Friday, November 19th.

Kid Rock is always updating fans on his Instagram. He often posts very raw messages without filter and that’s a big draw for a lot of folks. His entire career he has been a little rough around the edges. So, the new photo he posted on Instagram will shock no one. Always one to let you know how he feels, check out the photo below. Seems like some heavy stuff could be around the corner.

The caption of the post says, “Remember this? S–t gets real this Friday, Nov. 19th. -Kid Rock.”

Perhaps the new music is going to be more like the artists’ work in the early 2000s. Regardless of what the genre or sound is, fans are just happy to get new music from the Devil Without a Cause singer. Two middle fingers up, shirtless, standing in front of a mixing board in the studio, classic Kid Rock.

Based on some posts from earlier in the year, we might be able to pinpoint some influences before the music releases tomorrow. Earlier this year, we saw that Jon Pardi and Ric Flair were hanging out with Rock at his Michigan home. Pardi is a good friend and they have been seen together multiple times this year.

Then, we could look at one classic rock band. Kid Rock is close with the guys in ZZ Top and has referred to Billy Gibbons as his Rock ‘n Roll dad. After more than two decades of music, we know that Rock has a ton of influences. Whatever he puts out will reflect that.

Kid Rock’s Former Mansion Up for Sale

Kid Rock has been in the studio working, that’s clear. However, for fans interested in seeing or perhaps owning a piece of the artists’ history, check this out. The singer grew up in Bruce Township, Michigan, just 45 minutes from Detroit. Rock used to own a mansion in the city until 2019. He sold it back then for $2 million. Now, a couple of years later, it is back up for sale.

While it has been a couple of years, the price has gone up a bit. It is being listed at $2.1 million. That’s not a whole lot more than what the singer sold it for back in 2019. It has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and sits on just under an acre of land. It’s also on riverfront property, which is a huge selling point.

Perhaps Kid Rock had to move out of the mansion because of one neighbor in particular. Whoever becomes the proud owner of this home next will be sitting right next to the mayor of the city. Can’t get too rowdy when the highest elected executive in Detriot sits right next door. That’s not a noise complaint you want to deal with.