Kirstie Alley Says People Should Learn ‘Hunting, Fishing’ and Other Skills That Would ‘Come in Handy’

by Matthew Wilson

Kirstie Alley has some life skills that she thinks everyone should learn. The actor thinks everyone should know to hunt or fish among other skills. Several outdoor survival skills like canning your own food or proper water filtration made Alley’s list of essential abilities.

Though the actor didn’t reveal if she was an outdoorsman, knowing how to survive on one’s own is apparently important to Alley. One should also know how to grow their own crops, fix their own automobiles, and cook their own meals. While home economics teaches some of these, you can’t find most of Alley’s essentials list inside a public school. People would have to learn such skills on their own time.

On Twitter, Alley wrote, “I think people should learn to sew cook clean grow crops fix cars some plumbing some electrical work carpentry hunting fishing canning water filtering ….probably never have to use some of these skills but they could come in handy … just saying.”

Previously, Alley admitted that she was an animal activist and draws the line at trophy hunting. But the actor apparently supports hunting for survival/nourishment. Likewise, she doesn’t actually fish herself but she does like being near the water. For instance, she wrote, “Tomorrow I’m gonna go fishing.. I don’t fish but I like to spot dolphins… I’ll think of all of you.. fondly.”

Kirstie Alley Shares Her Thoughts on Social Media

Love her or hate her, Alley speaks her mind on social media. And she isn’t one to mince words or be afraid to share her thoughts on Twitter. For instance, she used the platform last November to reveal her religion. Alley has been a Scientologist since 1978. Later, she tweeted in defense of her religious practices while promoting religious tolerance overall. Alley wrote, “I will never attack your religion. I will also never tolerate your attacks on mine. Seems fair.”

She’s also used the platform to support conservative values and Former President Donald Trump. For instance, she was a supporter of his Trillion Tree executive order. Most recently, she called out Katie Couric for remarks the journalist made against Trump supporters as well. Couric said Trump supporters needed to be “deprogrammed.”

In response, Alley wrote, ““Wow Katie Couric. We’ve known each other for 35 years but if you think I need to be deprogrammed along with 80 million conservatives you’re gonna need to organize massive deprogrammers. Curious who they should be. Shrinks or Nazis? I hear both were good at it, yet still failed.”

Alley continues to be active on Twitter, sharing her thoughts and perspectives with her followers.