Korie Robertson Pens Heartfelt Message About Daughter Bella, Watching Kids Growing into Adults

by Evan Reier

It’s never easy for parents to see their kids grow older and independent. After all, parents like Korie Robertson have put in so much time, effort and care that the relationship between her and her kids is rarely matched.

On Friday, Robertson opened up about those feelings in regards to daughter Bella Robertson. Bella, who is recently engaged, is growing up fast at the age of 18, and Korie can’t help but pour out her love for her daughter.

Korie Robertson starts her caption: “I love this girl so much! I asked her the other day if she wanted to move back home until she gets married (she has her own place with a best friend roommate)… I tried to be super chill about it, like I was just offering it for her benefit, ha!”

Parents and children alike can relate to this conundrum. Living with your parents as an adult, or vice versa, is something that seems to differ from household to household. It’s pretty adorable and touching that Korie is eager to have Bella back in the house before her marriage.

The former Duck Dynasty star continues.

“I miss waking her sleepy body up every morning when she was little, but I love every second of seeing the woman she is becoming! I’m so proud of how she is adulting and I wouldn’t change that for anything!”

Korie Robertson Working with Bella on Upcoming Wedding

The balance between getting what you desire as a parent and letting your child do what they want is tough, but Korie is walking it. While Bella isn’t moving back in, it’s just a sign that Robertson has done a good job of preparing Bella to be independent.

Robertson finishes with a message of gratitude and excitement for Bella’s upcoming wedding.

“Thankfully she still pops in a lot and we having a blast planning a wedding together.”

After six months of dating, Bella Robertson got engaged to Jacob Mayo. The young member of the Duck Commander family announced the news on Instagram.

On November 27, Bella wrote a heartfelt message about her groom-to-be.

“I was thankful for you yesterday, i am thankful for you today, and now i get to be thankful for you for the rest of my life! i am blown away by Gods goodness and grace. @jacobdmayo lets get married!!”

Since, the Robertson women have been dress shopping and planning. While it’s been a mostly positive affair, Bella has also battled critics that say she is too young. For info on that, click here.