Korie Robertson Posts Photo with Willie Enjoying Snow Day, ‘Still Making Me Laugh After All of These Years’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Korie Robertson opted to see the bright side while dealing with a winter storm that’s causing such havoc in Louisiana and Texas.

Robertson and her family live in West Monroe, a city in northeastern Louisiana. On Wednesday night, the city was under a winter storm warning. Temperatures were in the mid-20s. Forecasters predicted more snow.

Korie Robertson posted a photo of herself with husband, Willie. For her caption, she wrote:

“Today, our ping pong table is covered in snow and there are icicles hanging from our roof. Next week it’ll be in the 60’s!

“There was a sermon we heard long ago titled, “Things Change” I’ll never forget it because the preacher said it over and over in this funny sing-song voice “Thiinnngs chaaange” it was about acknowledging and accepting that things, seasons, even people in our lives will change, but God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

“It was a good word then and is a good word for now.

“When I looked at this picture, I had the thought that we’ve seen a lot of things change over our lifetime together, but @realwilliebosshog is still making me laugh after all of these years. And I hope that never changes!”

Korie Robertson Also with Grandson in the Snow

On Tuesday, Korie Robertson posted a photo of herself and her grandson in the snow. There’s a lot of the white stuff on the ground in Louisiana. And Robertson, whose family starred in the reality series Duck Dynasty, loves to share glimpses of her life with her 2 million followers.

She wrote: “That smile says it all! We’re loving our little winter wonderland ❄️ Also I just got this new ski suit and never dreamed I’d be wearing it in Louisiana, but I’m pretty happy about it.

“Praying for those without power, and those who this winter storm has caused hardship. Check in with your neighbor today! Stay safe, cozy and warm!”

Her fans were teasing her about the orange ski suit she was wearing in both photos.

One wrote: “Please don’t shoot me, but it looks like Willie is hunting and you’re his hunter orange. “

Another posted: “Girllll u need to take that amazing snow suit to the slopes!🔥they’ll always know it’s mamarobertson!!”

One fan applauded Korie Robertson and her marriage with Willie.

“A guy who makes you laugh is a treasure! My hubby of 44 years still makes me laugh! Love your family and your posts!”