Korie Robertson Shares Throwback Photos to Celebrate Willie Robertson Jr.’s Birthday

by Halle Ames

Korie Robertson posted a heartwarming throwback picture collage for her son, Willie Robertson Jr.’s 19th birthday. 

Korie Robertson shared ten photos of her youngest son, Willie Robertson Jr., for her two million followers on Instagram. The post already has over 40,100 likes and 150 comments. 

The first of the wholesome pictures shows a young Korie and Willie holding their baby boy. Korie wears a ribbed light-blue turtleneck. Willie sports an off-white LSU baseball shirt.

The next photo shows the other Roberston children like Sadie and John Luke as toddlers gazing at their new brother.  

Many of the other pictures include Korie and Willie Jr. throughout the years. However, our favorite picture is the second-to-last one of a happy baby Willie. The newborn boy looks at the camera with big eyes and a toothless smirk. 

Heartwarming Caption by Korie

Korie posted a lengthy caption about the night he became a member of the Robertson family. 

“Happy Birthday @willrob.jr 🎉The day you came into the world is one of my very favorite days!! I’ll never, ever forget the night before we got you, we were filled with so much excitement, anticipation and joy! The day you were placed into my arms, you fit so perfectly! You were mine!” she writes.

“We couldn’t stop staring at your sweet little face 😍I was so proud to be you’re mom on that day and have been so proud every other day since!” 

The proud mother continues on about her favorite aspects of her son. 

“There are no hugs as great yours! No smile like yours! Your life is a gift! God has you! Just keep growing in Him, and keep on going!”

She finished up the post to remind her son of her and Willie’s unwavering support for Willie Jr. 

“As always, Dad and I are cheering you on, and will be here for it all, the good and the bad, the fun and the hard, whatever life brings you. We are here for it! We love you, son!! And I really can’t believe you’re 19.”

Willie responded to the heartfelt post and caption with, “love you so much momma!!!”