Korie Robertson Shows Off Snow Haul at Home with Fun Family Photo

by Suzanne Halliburton

Korie Robertson is getting a ton of extra use out of her new orange ski suit.

She’s wearing her cute snow outfit in photos she’s posted throughout the week. She and the rest of her Duck Dynasty family are trying to deal with these bitter winter storms.

On Thursday, Robertson showed off the massive amount of snow that slid off the roof of her family’s ranch.

She wrote:

“I was telling people how this huge mountain of snow fell off our roof and we had to shovel it away from the door. … Felt like a real mountain woman, and then I looked at the pics 🤣🙃 (also, I could hardly lift my arms this morning. I don’t know how you mountain people do it😅.”

Korie Robertson, Rest of Louisiana, Experiencing Severe Winter Storms

Folks all over West Monroe, Louisiana, are having to shovel snow this week as the state, as well as Texas, was hit with an historic amount of snow and ice. It’s a serious situation.

According to the Monroe News-Star, the hometown newspaper of Korie Robertson, there are 1 million people in the state without drinkable tap water. And more than 100,000 residents still are without power. There literally are icicles hanging from the cypress trees in the bayous.

President Joe Biden issued a federal emergency declaration for the state to help manage the aftermath of the week-long storms.

Korie Robertson and her family still are able to have fun in the snow. She’s been posting photos on her Instagram account — she goes by the name bosshogswife — to show her two million followers.

On Wednesday, Korie and Willie Posed in Snow

On Wednesday, Robertson posted a photo of herself with husband Willie in the snow. She was sporting her snow suit. The storms, she said, reminded her of a sermon she once heard.

She wrote: “Today, our ping pong table is covered in snow and there are icicles hanging from our roof. Next week it’ll be in the 60’s!

“There was a sermon we heard long ago titled, “Things Change” I’ll never forget it because the preacher said it over and over in this funny sing-song voice “Thiinnngs chaaange” it was about acknowledging and accepting that things, seasons, even people in our lives will change, but God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

“It was a good word then and is a good word for now.

“When I looked at this picture, I had the thought that we’ve seen a lot of things change over our lifetime together, but @realwilliebosshog is still making me laugh after all of these years. And I hope that never changes!”

And on Monday, Korie Robertson posted a photo of herself with her grandson. That’s when she first mentioned her new snowsuit.