‘Last Man Standing’ Star Hector Elizondo Is Alive, Despite Death Rumors

by Clayton Edwards

Hector Elizondo who plays Ed on “Last Man Standing” is still alive. He is just the latest star who fell victim to an online death hoax. Like most lies and misinformation, the hoax started on Facebook and spread to other corners of the internet.

A Facebook page called “R.I.P. Hector Elizondo” picked up over a million likes in the past few days. The page included a post that told followers that the “Last Man Standing” co-star died Friday at 11 am. According to Pop Culture, the hoax really took off when Edward James Olmos saw the post.

Olmos starred with Elizondo in the 2013 film “Go for Sisters,” and is apparently fond of his former co-star. He took to Twitter to share his condolences and send well-wishes to Elizondo’s family. In a now-deleted tweet, Olmos said, “One true giant of humanity who gave to everyone he met a sense of self-esteem and self-respect, Hector Elizondo, a true gift to the stage screen and life.”

There is a silver lining to being caught up in an online death hoax. For instance, the “Last Man Standing” star gets to see what some of his peers think about him. While Olmos’ tweet was based on misinformation, the words he spoke are touching.

It has to be frustrating to hear that the internet thinks you’re dead. However, kind words from other talented people probably take a little of the sting out of it.

The “Last Man Standing Star” is “Very Much Alive and Well”

Thankfully, someone decided to do the legwork and contact Hector Elizondo’s representatives. “Entertainment Weekly” journalist Rosy Cordero made the call to Elizondo’s people earlier today. She then tweeted her findings.

After talking to the “Last Man Standing” star’s representative, Cordero was able to confirm that Elizondo was not dead. In fact, according to her tweet, he is “very much alive and well,” and had just spoken to his rep before the “Entertainment Weekly” journalist made contact.

Hector Elizondo isn’t the first celeb to be pronounced dead by the internet. He probably won’t be the last, either. He is, however, in good company. Other celebs who have been the victims of death hoaxes include Cher, Jon Bon Jovi, Kanye West, and Will Smith to name just a few. Willie Nelson has been pronounced dead by the internet several times. So, not only is Elizondo not dead but he is also part of a club of elite celebs who have experienced death hoaxes.