‘Last Man Standing’ Star Kaitlyn Dever Is a Miner in Intense Sneak Peek for New Show

by Amy Myers

Kaitlyn Dever’s new part in the Hulu series Dope Sick shows just how far she’s come as an actress since her start on Last Man Standing. When we first met Dever, she was the sassy, smart daughter of Mike Baxter who loved the outdoors and cherished her time in her school’s ROTC. Her role on the sitcom series was relatively innocent. In fact, the most trouble she ever got into was coming home drunk from a party when her parents thought she was at soccer practice. Now, Dever is playing a character that finds herself in a whole world of trouble when she’s introduced to OxyContin.

The Last Man Standing actress shared a clip from Episode 3 of her new series with fans on Instagram. She also informed fans that they can now watch Episode 5 of Dope Sick on Hulu.

Dever’s post showed just how intense her new gig is. Covered in soot, the Last Man Standing star and a Dope Sick castmate are in a mine shaft. Meanwhile, Dever struggles to maintain coherency and makes a near-fatal decision.

Watch the dangerous moment below.

Seemingly in the midst of a painkiller high, Dever gives the okay to her coworker to continue drilling deeper into the ground. Unfortunately, the former Last Man Standing star must have misread the methane meter and as soon as the fellow miner fires up the machinery, an explosion of fire knocks them both back. Later at the hospital, it’s clear that Dever sustained significant wounds. Her supervisors also reveal that her coworker will lose his arm because of her actions.

‘Last Man Standing’ Star Loves to Mix Up Her Choice in Roles

When starting out on TV as a child actress, it can be hard to breakout of that first role. Once fans and directors see stars as that one specific character, they’ll often offer them similar roles because they know they’ll do the job well. This is the last thing that Last Man Standing star Dever would ever want to happen. Her role on Dope Sick shows just how versatile an actress she is, and she doesn’t plan on staying in one lane anytime soon.

In an interview with Shape magazine, Dever elaborated on her desire to portray a variety of roles throughout her career.

“I love mixing it up. I never want to be set in stone with anything I do,” the Last Man Standing star said.

“These stories deserve to be in the best way possible,” she continued. “I put so much pressure on myself to do all these characters justice. I do things that scare me sometimes. But I’m almost addicted to that feeling.”