‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen Posts Sweet Cast Selfie, Celebrates ‘Finishing Up 9 Years’

by Clayton Edwards

Time is quickly ticking away for Tim Allen’s hit sitcom Last Man Standing. They are currently in their final season. Audiences still have over a month’s worth of episodes to watch. The season finale airs in May. However, the cast and crew are almost finished with their end of things.

The end of Last Man Standing is a sad thing for star Tim Allen. However, he can celebrate the fact that this show ran for nine seasons. At the same time, its fanbase is dedicated. Allen and his team created something that truly touched the hearts and minds of the people who tuned in every week. That’s a hard thing to beat.

Lately, Allen has been sharing his bittersweet departure from Last Man Standing with his Twitter followers. Yesterday, Allen shared a photo inside the den of the Baxter home. In the caption, he noted that it was his last time in that den.

Today, Tim Allen shared a photo of him and the Last Man Standing cast. They all look happy in the picture. But, fans and followers know it is a sad occasion.

In the caption of this photo, Allen says, “Here we go finishing up 9 years.”

Fans of Last Man Standing are definitely going to miss the series. However, fans of Tim Allen have more to look forward to.

The Last Man Standing Star’s “Favorite Show” Is Still Going Strong

The Last Man Standing star didn’t put all of his eggs in one basket. His newest outing Assembly Required is still going strong on the History Channel. In that show, Tim Allen and Richard Karn put builders from around the country to the test. Their chemistry and the crazy contraptions that the contestants concoct are more than enough to pull in a massive audience. As a matter of fact, Tim Allen said in a recent tweet that Assembly Required is his new favorite show.

If you ever wanted to see a real-life version of Tool Time, then Assembly Required might be your new favorite show as well. While Tim and Richard aren’t the ones upgrading or building household objects, the spirit of their old show-within-a-show is still there. Instead of watching Richard keep Tim from blowing up the shop, we get to see them urge contestants to find their inner “Tool Man.”

You can catch the latest episode of Last Man Standing Thursday at 8:30 central on Fox. On the other hand, you can check out Assembly Required Tuesday at 9 central on the History Channel.