‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen Returns Famous Truck to ‘Its Old Home’ in His Car Shop

by Keeli Parkey

With his latest show, “Last Man Standing,” coming to an end, actor Tim Allen has been taking several strolls down memory lane. Recently, he has shared photos from the set and his thoughts on the show he has worked on for so many years.

On Tuesday (March 23), the actor shared another photo and an accompanying caption. This one featured a photo of his famous old green truck. The truck is in great shape and looks ready to drive to whatever location Tim Allen has in mind when he has the time to drive it.

For Allen, the truck leaving the set of “Last Man Standing” is symbolic of his time on the show coming to an end.

“And my truck leaves after so many years in this home to it’s (sic) old home in my car shop,” Tim Allen shared on Twitter Tuesday evening. A photo of the truck was shared with the actor’s comments.

You can check out the tweet below.

Fans Share Their Thoughts on ‘Last Man Standing’ Star Tim Allen’s Recent Tweet

Fans of Tim Allen and “Last Man Standing” were happy to see the actor share a photo of his famous green truck. They also took the time to praise the actor for his work over the years. Here’s a few examples of what they had to say:

“Next project man! Your sitcoms are the BEST!!!! Hopefully you’ll have another soon.”

“It’s so cool that it’s Tim’s actual truck. I love the outdoor shot of the store where you see the truck parked, tucked in on the right side of the building.”

“I love the show Tim and I’m definitely gonna miss it. But at least I have Assembly Required to watch now with you and Richard Karn. I Love watching you guys together just like growing up when I was watching Home Improvement.”

“So how long do we have to wait before you are back on TV again? Love Home Improvement and Last Man Standing.”

“Such an awesome car! Your show will go down as one of the greatest sitcoms! Cheers!”

Tim Allen Shares Other Images from the Set of His Latest Television Show

In addition to sharing the photo of his famous green truck, Tim Allen has shared other photos from some of his final days on “Last Man Standing.” He has taken to Twitter to share those images and his thoughts.

One example is another tweet from Tuesday (March 23). In this message to fans, Allen shared a picture of what he referred to as the “Baxter” den from the set of “Last Man Standing.”

Tim Allen also shared a look at his character, Mike Baxter’s, desk. He said this photo included a view that fans “rarely see” on the popular show.

According to a recent report by Yahoo.com, when the final episode of “Last Man Standing” will air has not been announced. It is possible that the final episode could air during May.