‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Pic of What He’ll ‘Miss’ When Show Ends

by Thad Mitchell

As he prepares for ending of hit show “Last Man Standing,” actor Tim Allen is sharing memories of the show’s success. And giving his fans a look at the things he’s going to miss.

The ever popular hit television series is winding down its ninth and final season that began earlier this year. Many of the show’s fans are sad to see it end but are thankful to get a full final season. Among that fan base is Allen himself, who has, on more than a few occasions, expressed sorrow toward the show’s end.

An all-time comedy great, Tim Allen plays lead character of Mike Baxter to perfection in the same manor of his other roles. The funny man has played iconic characters like Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on hit show “Home Improvement.” He also had a successful run playing Scott Calvin, a.k.a. Santa Claus, is classic Christmas comedy “The Santa Clause.”

Allen says the character of Mike Baxter holds a special place in his heart as it almost mirrors his actual personality. On the show, Baxter is the only male in a house full of women and often has to tread lightly to keep the peace in his home.

Tim Allen Preparing to Say Goodbye to ‘Last Man Standing’

Allen is well-known as a lover and collector of classic cars, which is a trait shared by Baxter on the show. The actor took to social media on Tuesday to share a particular part of the “Last Man Standing” set he will greatly miss. In typical Allen fashion, he says a classic car in Baxter’s garage will undoubtedly be remembered.

“I will miss my cool a** Ford in the Baxter garage,” he says in the post’s caption space.

Allen has been quite active on social media as of late, using the platform as a tool to connect with his fans. The classic car tweet drew more than 11,000 “likes” shortly after its posting. It also racked up hundreds of retweets and comments as well. Some the comments from social media humorously suggest he should take the car with him when he leaves.

Tim Allen already has his next gig in line with “Last Man Standing” ending soon. He will join “Home Improvement” co-star Richard Karns on reality show “Assembly Required.”