‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Could There Be Another Undercover Agent in the Kosta Organization?

by Suzanne Halliburton

Everybody is addicted to the high drama generated by Law & Order: Organized Crime. There’s nothing like behind-the-scenes foreign mobster kind of stuff.

But there’s a fan theory that Christopher Meloni’s Elliot Stabler isn’t the only undercover agent investigating the Albanian gang run by Jon Kosta, with Albi Briscu as his next-in-charge.

If you want real Law & Order: Organized Crime theories, check out this thread on Reddit. Someone wrote: “I’m convinced there’s another UC in the Albanian mix. I could be wrong but perhaps someone from an overseas investigation mixed in to follow the sex trafficking ring. Thoughts? Oh and Albie’s wife is NO DOUBT their madame.”

Stabler’s undercover alias is Eddie Wagner. And Eddie is hot for Flutura Briscu, Albi’s sexy wife. It’s a marriage of convenience. Albi is gay, but he’s keeping it on the down low. He doesn’t want to tell any of the gangsters. Albi threatened to kill Eddie when he found out his secret. But Stabler/Eddie convinced him he’d never tell anyone, saying he doesn’t care about Albi’s sexuality. But that doesn’t stop Stabler from pursuing Flutura. The two got together for cocktails at the Briscu’s home. Stabler slipped some crushed sleeping pills in Flutura’s wine. And while she slept on the couch, Stabler found a bunch of passports of young Albanian women. Could Flutura be in charge of a sex trafficking ring? Call in Law & Order: SVU for another crossover.

Now, getting back to those fan theories. One Law & Order: Organized Crime fan wrote: “I bet the entire Kosta Organization is all confidential informants and undercover agents from other law enforcement organizations. Everyone thinks that the others are really criminals and are gathering evidence against each other.”

Another fan noted that a character in Law & Order: Organized Crime also appeared on SVU. “Is he just in a new role, or is he the same guy,” one fan wrote. “If so, does he recognize Elliot? Interesting to see how it goes down.”

That’s actor Michael Raymond-James who plays Kosta, the mob boss. He was in an SVU episode, but played a different character. That was way back in 2011. Coincidentally, that was Meloni’s final season on SVU. He spent 10 years away from the franchise, but then came back when Dick Wolf created the spinoff Law & Order: Organized Crime, which premiered on April 1.

Other fans think that Reggie might be another undercover agent. He’s Albi’s nephew and Stabler/Eddie’s boss. So he would be deep undercover. Plus, he and Eddie, in the murky undercover world, are friends.

Stabler’s initial assignment was to infiltrate the Albanian mob as they tried to take over the cocaine market in NYC. But once he found the documents of all the young Albanian women in Flutura’s home, that gave the investigation another direction. And it also gave the show another reason to do a crossover with Law & Order: SVU.

That way, fans get more Benson-Stabler drama on the side as the cases evolve.