‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Caroline Lagerfelt Calls Agnes ‘One of the Brainiest People’ in the Operation

by Anna Dunn

Law & Order: Organized Crime star Caroline Lagerfelt said that Agnes is “one of the brainiest people” in the operation. In the recent episode, Agnes was able to send a warning message to the Kosta family at the cost of a court reporter’s life. But the Kosta crime family got the message and now, they’re scrambling.

When asked if she thought Agnes knew the court reporter would die in a recent interview with Cinemablend, Lagerfelt went in-depth about how she views Agnes and her role in the series so far.

“I personally think that Agnes is one of the brainiest people in the whole operation. And I think that she definitely knew that there was a possibility, a strong possibility,” she explained. But there was also stuff Agnes She had no way of knowing who was going to be in that office, whether it was going to be Albi.”

But yeah, as the “brainiest,” of the Law & Order: Organized Crime antagonists, Agnes definitely knew blood would be shed.

“I mean, she was sending her to Albi, but whether Kosta was going to be there. And I think that yes, because besa is the most important thing in Albania, not just in the mafia. But everywhere. The code of honor, the sense of honor imbues the lives of Albanians and of Kosovo Albanians. So I’m afraid that she had a pretty, pretty good idea that it very probably would happen.”

The episode ended on a literally explosive note, with Agnes setting off a bomb right as Stabler and Bell walk into the building. Fans have been waiting with bated breath since last week, waiting to see what happened to the two main characters.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Entering a New Chapter

The next episode will be the last of this “arc.” Earlier this year, show creator Dick Wolf announced Law & Order: Organized Crime would be told in three eight-episode arcs. This arc is almost complete, so the Organized crime team will soon focus their efforts on a new villain.

We do know that, at some point, Dylan Mcdermott will make his return as Richard Wheatly, but there are also plenty of other new antagonists to come. McDermott is someone people are excited to see again. Richard Wheatly was a truly powerful antagonist, and it’ll be really interesting to see him and Stabler go head to head again.

If you want to catch the next episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime, tune in to NBC on Thursday nights at 10/9 central following new episodes of Law & Order: SVU.