‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Had Us on the Edge of Our Seat in This Scene

by Suzanne Halliburton

Christopher Meloni, as Elliot Stabler, keeps our anxiety high on Law & Order: Organized Crime. His character is now deep into to the undercover drama.

And after this one scene towards the end of last week’s episode, we all need what Stabler slipped into Flutura Briscu‘s drink.

The Law & Order social media account posted a clip, Monday, to look back on this bonkers Organized Crime scene. Stabler certainly looks comfortable being a criminal.

“Were you on the edge of your seat or were you on the edge of your seat?” the tweet said. We say yes and yes.

Stabler’s Law & Order: Organized Crime Undercover Name Is Eddie

So here’s the set up for this Law & Order: Organized Crime scene in the episode called For a Few Lekë More. Stabler, whose undercover name is Eddie Wagner, is infiltrating an Albanian criminal gang. He’s cozied up to Albi Briscu, one of its leaders. But he screwed up, big time, earlier in the episode. Eddie beat up a guy named Luca, who was super rude to a waitress. Turns out Luca is engaged to the daughter of Kosta, the gang’s ringleader.

Costa calls him in for a meeting. Most everyone thinks Stabler could be killed if he goes. But Stabler did it anyway. Kosta wants Eddie to prove his worth by robbing a bar. But Stabler can’t pull that off without help from the Organized Crime team.

Detective Carlos Maldonado is undercover inside the bar, keeping watch. Bell and Brewster are nearby. They see Stabler roll up in a dark van. He’s with several other guys. They’re all wearing dark clothes and dark masks. And they have guns.

“Everyone relax, show me your hands, nobody gets hurt,” Stabler barks at the crowd inside.

Stabler Looks Really Convincing as Armed Robber

Stabler gets the bar owner to unlock the safe. Meanwhile, some bystander outside called 9-1-1 to report a robbery. An NYPD patrol car is nearby. The car turns around with sirens blazing. As the car gets close, Bell drives right into the cop car. Oops. That should give Stabler enough time to get out.

But back in the bar, Stabler and the guys are trying to leave. But a patron pulls a gun and aims it at Stabler. And Stabler shoots him. They all manage to get back outside and into the van. Bell and Brewster hear the shot. They’re dumbfounded. Maldonado reports back. Yes, that was Stabler who fired the shot.

Reggie, one of the gang guys with Stabler, tells Eddie to burn the van. Reggie will take the cash to Kosta. But Stabler first hustles to the Law & Order: Organized Crime office. Maldonado confirms that Stabler had no choice when shooting the bar patron. It’s all documented on video. They research the guy who pulled the gun. He’s wanted on outstanding felony warrants.

The Law & Order: Organized Crime episode for this Thursday is called The Good, the Bad and the Lovely.