‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Notice a Small Detail That Could Haunt Stabler

by Jonathan Howard

Being an undercover agent isn’t easy work, Elliot Stabler knows that. On Law & Order: Organized Crime, Stabler could be in hot water. Fans noticed a detail that might come back to haunt the detective later.

With just one more episode to go in this arc of the season, fans don’t know if it will come into play. However, on Reddit, one viewer was quick to point out that there might be eyes on Stabler that he doesn’t realize. Undercover within the Albanian mob, he has already had…relations…with a wife of one of the members.

The post on the Law & Order: Organized Crime subreddit brings up good questions. A quick photo of a still from the last episode shows that while Stabler was in Albi’s house, there were cameras. One was high in a corner and right behind the detective. Is there any possible way that Albi and the rest already know about the UC in their gang?

The original poster also asked, “How did Albi not know Stabler had been there with Flutura that night?” There were many theories. Most of them assumed that Flutura had turned the cameras off, or perhaps Albi just didn’t think about checking things out.

If Albi does know about Stabler, he is playing things cool. There is no sign that anyone has discovered his identity, but that could change. With episode 8 of the season coming up, fans know that the story arc is coming to an end. However, there might be repercussions down the line. Characters and trouble seem to pop up from the past at the most inopportune times. Things on Law & Order: Organized Crime feels like they could pop off at any moment.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Reggie, Reggie, Reggie…

One thing we learned in the last episode is that the Kosta Organization is likely about to collapse. Reggie was sent to kill Teddy Garcia, a gubernatorial candidate. However, the hit was botched and he killed Garcia’s wife. Now, Reggie is the first on Law & Order: Organized Crime to know Stabler’s identity.

Elliot Stabler is going to get the information he needs. So, he got in with Reggie and in the process revealed that he was Eddie Wagner. Reggie was also able to reunite with his mother. Agnes, played by Caroline Lagerfelt, is going to side with the Kosta Organization. She knows her son will be safe in witness protection, now she wants to warn her sister, Flutura. Lagerfelt said it was a hard decision for the character.

“I think that she is just working for time, trying to figure out what she can do; I think she’s looking for a way out for them.”

The story arc is coming to an end on Law & Order: Organized Crime, and there is so much to wrap up. The next episode is going to be exciting.