‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Are Surprised They Have ‘Compassion’ for a ‘Horrifying’ Character

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to checking the pulse of the Law & Order: Organized Crime fanbase, the best place to turn is Reddit. Fans let their feelings be known about all sorts of show topics.

One of the most recent posts on the Organized Crime subreddit has to do with Reggie. The Albanian hitman didn’t have a great story arc. In fact, he is going to end up in witness protection for the rest of his life for his involvement in the gang. With the chips stacked against him, Reggie has been able to get some sympathy love from fans of the show.

User, u/laperla312 got things going with their post on the message board. Simply titled, “Reggie,” they explained their feelings for the character.

“I can’t believe I feel so much compassion for someone who bit a man’s ear off,” the post starts. “He’s done horrifying things, but he never stood a chance between being born into a crime family and that frigid psychopath of a mother. Working a menial job for the rest of his days and enduring the loneliness WitSec life mandates is compassionate but a kind of hell nonetheless. ETA: Excellent acting by this actor. Look forward to seeing him in more roles.”

Law & Order: Organized Crime does such a great job toeing the line between absolute villains and common victims of their upbringings. While characters like Richard Wheatley are demonstrably bad, Reggie is more of a goon. He couldn’t help the family he was born into and now he is having to pay a heavy price for his involvement. However, he should be able to get on with a new life. Even if it proves to be boring, witness protection is better than a jail cell, or a graveyard.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Respond to Reggie Post

For fans of Reggie, there is another show they might recognize the actor from. Dash Mihok isn’t just a Law & Order: Organized Crime star. He is also a big part of the Showtime drama, Ray Donovan as Brendan “Bunchy” Donovan. There were many responses to the Reddit post about Reggie and fans seemed to be in consensus with each other.

Mihok did such a great job in his role as Reggie it has fans asking for more from the actor.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw his working and personal history,” one user replied. “Absolutely great work and I adored him in season two, he is really compelling.”

The best part of Reggie is that dynamic of him being a bad guy, but it isn’t really his fault. The Law & Order: Organized Crime universe is full of flawed characters. That includes the protagonists and the fan favorites. This isn’t the first time that Mihok has played a character in the L&O world. Hopefully, Reggie isn’t his last character to appear in a Dick Wolf production.