‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Chris Meloni Reveals Why He ‘Never Pulled a Groin’ in Hilarious Back-and-Forth with Co-Star

by Leanne Stahulak

People are shocked and impressed by “Law & Order: SVU” star Chris Meloni’s killer workout regimen, including his fellow “Organized Crime” co-star.

Danielle Moné Truitt took to Twitter to congratulate Meloni on his recent cover appearance on Men’s Health. The 60-year-old fitness buff shared tips and tricks for putting on muscle and keeping so fit at a relatively older age.

Truitt pulled out one of the magazine photos of Meloni to post on her Twitter page. In it, Meloni executes an impressive split, looking calm and composed all the while.

“I don’t know how my co-star @Chris_Meloni is 60 years old and doing this, but I will say…YOU GO BOY!!! Now I see why he stays stretching on set in between takes!” Truitt wrote, with laughing and clapping emojis.

The “Law & Order” star quote tweeted Truitt’s message on his own page. He addressed the stretching comment, and specifically, how it’s helped him throughout his career.

“It’s why I never pulled a groin acting,” Meloni wrote. “True story #supple #themoreyouknow #stanislavskistretchmethod.”

On an active crime show like “Law & Order,” several actors can pull muscles and injure themselves while doing stunts. But not Meloni. His meticulous new routine means he’s trained his body to be a well-oiled machine.

Meloni made his debut as Detective Elliot Stabler on “Law & Order: SVU” back in 1999. He stayed on for 11 seasons before exiting the show. Now, Meloni’s character has his own spin-off, “Law & Order: Organized Crime.” Truitt plays Stabler’s partner, Ayanna Bell. Season 2 of the hit crime drama will premiere Thursday, Sept. 23.

‘Law & Order’ Star Chris Meloni Talks Being on the Cover of Men’s Health

For the August cover story, Meloni talked to Men’s Health about becoming “swole” and why’s he honored to be featured on the cover.

“It’s cool as sh*t,” Meloni said. “The aspect of age comes into play as far as the cover of [this magazine] and how I feel about it. A friend of mine said, ‘Did you ever think in a million years you’d be on the cover of Men’s Health?’ I said, ‘Certainly not at age 60.'”

Meloni introduced his trainer, Matt Pietrantonio, in a brief four-minute workout video for the magazine. The “Law & Order” star said they’re practically “joined at the hip” and spend at least four days a week working out. But the main thing they work on? Meloni’s squats.

“I’m ashamed to say, they’re kind of new to me,” Meloni said. “I’ve been working out many years, and I always shied away. I either did the sled—everything but squats. And the reason why is because they’re very tough.”

Tough as they may be, squats have certainly turned into results for Meloni, who now has famous glutes.

“They’ve paid dividends as far as me being reconnected to my physicalness and the stuff I have to do for the show,” he said. “I’m now a huge proponent of squats and I love them.”