‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Thinks Elliot Stabler is Only Alive for One Reason

by Taylor Cunningham

Last week on Law & Order: Organized Crime, the team finally got some headway on the Kosta crime ring. And a few leads sent Stabler and Bell on a hunt that spanned much of New York City.

Eventually, Stabler and Bell tracked Agnes and Albi down at their family boxing gym. But Agnes knew that the cops were coming for them. And she wasn’t going to give up so easily. So in an effort to get rid of the lead agents, Agnes loaded her gym with explosives. And as Stabler and Bell began to walk into the building, she ignited the dynamite. And that’s how the episode ended.

Now we have to wait until Thursday to find out if either, or both, or the detectives are dead. But thanks to a recent interview, we have some hope for Stabler.

While chatting with Give Me My Remote, Albi’s actor, Vinnie Jones, admitted that he thinks Stabler is still alive. Because if Albi wanted the detective dead, he would have killed him already. Currently, the crime family is hatching a plan to get everyone into a safe place. And though the situation isn’t ideal, their “word of honor” and “code of silence” may keep Albi, Agnes, and Jon alive.

But according to Jones, “Loyalty comes at a cost, though, which Albi may now be discovering.”

“Albi got caught up with the secret [of him being gay] and Stabler [who knows], he’s trying to keep him quiet,” Jones revealed. “I think he would have shot and killed Stabler earlier if Stabler didn’t have that on him.”

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Dylan McDermott’s Return Date Revealed

Law & Order: Organized Crime fans have been patiently waiting for Richard Wheatley to return to the screen. And it looks like their wait is finally coming to an end.

During the first season of Law & Order: Organized Crime, Dylan McDermott played Richard Wheatley, a former gangster who was helping the feds. And during the season two opener, the sinister businessman was sent back to Rickers to wait for his murder trial.

Ever since Wheatley was sent away, McDermott has been teasing his social media followers about his character’s return. On October 20th, he told fans that Wheatley’s return would happen sooner than later when he wrote, “I hope @Chris_Meloni is doing some extra push ups. Because I’m on my way…”

And on November 3, McDermott finally revealed that the villain will be back on December 9th, just in time for season two’s second story arch.

“Are you ready for mayhem?” he asked in a Twitter post, “It will be worth the wait.”