‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Peter Scanavino Explains Why ‘Organized Crime’ Is Accurate to Real Life

by Michael Freeman

While the Law & Order universe is clearly one of fiction, it does have many parallels to real life. SVU star Peter Scanavino thinks so too, especially with Organized Crime, saying its elements are quite accurate to the real world.

Give Me My Remote talked to Scanavino earlier this year and discussed Elliot Stabler bringing Scanavino’s character, Carisi, into the Organized Crime world. Scanavino approves, saying “Carisi is a born and bred New Yorker, [a] kid from Staten Island. So I think if he ever needs to get scrappy, he can.”

Interestingly, Scanavino adds his own personal experience into the mix, saying the aspect in the show of somebody always knowing somebody is true. “I know a lot of people from Staten Island, and almost all of them has some kind of six degrees of separation to organized crime in New York City,” he mentioned while laughing. “I’m sure there are people Carisi knows in that world, that he may not be in contact with, but he has access to. I’m just spitballing here, but I think it could get really interesting.”

Continuing, Peter Scanavino said “Everybody’s got a cousin, everybody’s got an uncle out there who knows somebody…he’s scrappy, and if things devolve to the level of a street fight, I think he knows how to how to participate in that, as well.”

Watchers of the Law & Order shows can attest to the fact his words ring true. The show almost always has someone with connections to the seedier parts of the city. Tension has been present between Carisi and Stabler in their previous interactions. However, their relationship may take a turn for the better in Organized Crime.

Peter Scanavino Wants to Flesh Out Stabler and Carisi’s Relationship

Along the subject of Stabler and Carisi’s relationship, it’s one that hasn’t been thoroughly traversed. During the same interview with Give Me My Remote, Peter Scanavino expressed a desire to explore it further.

In the past, fans expressed a desire for the duo’s relationship to be more fleshed out. Previous appearances had Olivia as part of the dynamic, but Organized Crime features just the two of them. Scanavino thinks the same and wants it to happen. “I think that would be really interesting to acknowledge that now that Carisi and…Stabler have their own kind of personal relationship that’s outside of SVU,” Scanavino says. “[Now it’s,] ‘Oh, this is not something where it’s you, me, and Olivia are doing this, but it’s you and me.’ Carisi and Stabler have this other thing [on their own].”

Additionally, he says the two will “feed off each other,” which may lead to conflict. Nevertheless, since they’re both on the same team, they’re going to have to get past them. The fact they approach situations so differently is another exciting aspect and “opens up a lot of possibilities,” Scanavino concluded.