‘Law & Order’ Producer Explains How New Show ‘Dark Woods’ Differs from ‘SVU’

by John Jamison

Wolf Entertainment has had three decades of success using procedural drama as the vehicle. Now, with new shows like Law & Order: Organized Crime and the soon-to-be-adapted Dark Woods, the studio is branching out into narrative storytelling. Dark Woods executive producer Elliot Wolf talked about how that brand of serialized storytelling differs from a long-running Wolf title like SVU.

Dark Woods leaves the big city behind for the state park environment of the California redwoods. Intrigued yet, Outsiders? Don’t worry yourselves too much, though. The show still begins with the discovery of a dead body. So on a scale of one to Law & Order, it’s still leaning toward Wolf Entertainment’s tried and true high-stakes drama.

That said, it’s pretty darn different too. How? Well, like Organized Crime, Dark Woods follows a storyline from week to week, rather than putting familiar characters in different situations.

“It’s a little bit different than an episode of Law & Order, as an example, in the sense that it’s serialized. But at its core, we’re aiming for the same quality of storytelling. And at the end of the day, it’s a story that fans can immerse themselves in and will enjoy, whether it’d be for the two episodes that came out [first], or all eight,” Elliot Wolf told CinemaBlend recently. “We want fans to come back week after week or sit down and listen to it all at once and feel rewarded for doing so.”

Wait… Did he say listen to it? He did indeed. That’s because Dark Woods was just released on November 8 in podcast form. The immersive audio experience is led by Wolf Entertainment alums Corey Stoll, Monica Raymund, and Veep star Reid Scott.

There aren’t many details on what the show will look like, but the TV adaptation is in the works.

Small Town Setting, Big City Stakes, Says ‘Law & Order’ Producer

As we touched on before, Dark Woods is set in small-town California. And even though the story begins with a dead body discovered in the woods, that truly is only the beginning. Not taking anything away from the gravity of murder, but it’s only a catalyst for what’s to come.

According to Elliot Wolf, the problems facing those in the story go far beyond a single murder. They include dirty politics, crime organizations, and more.

“I would say that the scale of our story is going to get a lot bigger, and our characters are going to find themselves in situations that, at the beginning of Episode 1, were unimaginable to them. So buckle up. It’s quite a ride. And I sincerely hope and believe that everyone is going to enjoy it. It’s a good story,” Elliot Wolf continued in his interview with CinemaBlend.