‘Law & Order’ Revival Premiere Date Announced

by John Jamison

Get ready for the Law & Order universe to have even more crossover opportunities with plenty of nostalgia to boot. The revival of the franchise’s flagship series is slated to premiere early next year on February 24.

The premiere date comes as a bit of a surprise. NBC announced the revival in late September, and according to TV Line, it was only ordered by the network three months before that. So it appears that Dick Wolf and NBC have been working hard on getting Law & Order ready to air.

Seniority rules. The new-old series is reportedly bumping The Blacklist out of the 7 p.m. Thursday night time slot. You know what that means, folks. In February 2022, there will be three straight hours of Law & Order action on Thursday nights. The revived series will precede SVU and Organized Crime.

Not much is known about the upcoming revival, but it comes more than 10 years after NBC canceled the original show. The new edition will reportedly pick up where the last left off. Though considering the latest casting choices we’ve seen, there will be plenty different about it too.

In early November, Deadline reported that Jeffrey Donovan of Burn Notice fame is joining the Law & Order cast as the show’s lead. Of course, we would all love to see Sam Waterston return as District Attorney Jack McCoy. He has said in the past that he would consider reprising the role.

We’re all excited for the potential of Sam Waterston’s character and other original cast members interacting with the newest generation of franchise stars in the cast of Organized Crime. And according to TV Line, chairman of NBCUniversal Entertainment Content, Susan Rovner said there would be “countless opportunities for crossovers across all three series.”

The ‘Law & Order’ Revival is Literally a ‘Dream Come True’ for Executive Producer Dick Wolf

In 1990, Dick Wolf couldn’t have had any idea how kind the future would be to his then single series. It was so successful that it gave rise to multiple spinoffs, including SVU, which has outlasted the flagship show’s 20 seasons. Now, he’s living out his dream of bringing his seminal series back for another go.

“There are very few things in life that are literally dreams come true. This is mine,” Dick Wolf said in a statement shortly after the reboot was announced.

But what has made the franchise so successful over the years? Better yet, why does NBC feel the revival of a previously canceled series will perform well? It has to do with Wolf’s philosophy.

“We always approach storytelling the same way: Good writing, acting, and production values, and give the viewers what they want. That’s been our mantra from day one,” Wolf told Variety in October.